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Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Halls Information for Students

Interested in living on campus? Otero College residence halls are designed to provide an environment that provides each resident with the best possible opportunity for academic and personal growth. If you’ve got questions about Otero housing we’ve got the answers. Just check out our FAQs.

Otero College offers Housing only to students who are taking at least 12 credit hours and are between the ages of 17 and 23 years of age. All other requests or exceptions must be made as a petition to the Residence Hall Manager.

All single students under 21 years of age who do not live with their parents or relatives while attending Otero College are required to live in Otero Housing. Residents must be 17 years of age at the beginning of the year under contract.

All off-campus housing is provided by private landlords. Otero College does not currently coordinate property listings or recommend any particular landlord. Eligible students (see above) who prefer to rent a room, apartment or house, can do so independently or with roommates. There are limited rental options in and around La Junta.

Typically, students must be 21 years or older to rent an apartment or house in the community. Most renters are required to sign leases ranging from six months to a year, and pay additional damage deposits. Off-campus rentals rarely include furniture (bed, couch, desk, etc.). And finally, most require you to pay separately for water, sewer, trash, electric, gas, phone, and cable. You may also have to pay for laundry services or mow the lawn and shovel snow.

Otero College offers three housing options; this includes Wunsch Hall, Conley Complex and South Site. Wunsch Hall (traditional residence hall) and Conley (suite style residence halls) can house up to 315 students. The South Site is located 1.5 miles from campus and can house up to 32 students. All housing options include furnished rooms, free laundry, air conditioning, and no utility bills. Most first year students live in Wunsch Hall. Conley Complex and South Site are co-ed while Wunsch Hall is two single-sex buildings, one male and one female, connected by a common lobby and lounge.

Most all first year students live in Wunsch Hall. Once housing applications are accepted for review, residence hall room assignments are made first come, first served. Conley Complex is a very desired living space and for this reason, Conley Complex (suite style housing) is often filled up by returning student sophomores. Very few, if any, first-year students live in Conley Complex. Wunsch Hall (traditional residence hall) primarily houses freshman. South Site is for the exclusive use of Law Enforcement Academy and Rodeo students only.

New incoming students are required to fill out an electronic “Application for Accommodations in Otero Housing” form AND pay the $100 deposit AND submit required Vaccination Documentation.

View Housing Application.

You can also use Google to find the on-line Housing Application or use the search bar on the web site.

Please visit Otero's Vaccination Policies page for more information regarding specific documentation that is required.

If you are looking to meet a lot of new people, the living style in Wunsch Hall is a great way to make friends quickly. Wunsch Hall features one, two, and three-person rooms with community bathrooms on each floor. Wunsch Hall provides laundry facilities and a large lobby that is always a great place to gather. The west side of the building has three floors and houses male students. The east side of the building has two floors and houses female students. The centrally-located lobby has ping pong and pool tables, television and computers. There are gender specific public restrooms on each floor and laundry facilities available for student use. All housing options include furnished rooms, free laundry, air conditioning, and no utility bills.

Wunsch Hall includes one building that is all-women and another building that is all men. These two single-sex buildings share a common lobby, lounge, and staff office. Conley Complex and South Site are divided into single-sex suites. So while men and women may be neighbors, they do not share a common bathroom in any of our residence hall options. There are no ‘freshman’ only residence halls.

Residence halls open at 10am on the Saturday immediately preceding the start of the new semester. More information will be e-mailed in official room assignment correspondence. Early arrival accommodations are organized for sport athletes and international students only.

Unfortunately, the college can not allow any other student or groups to arrive before the residence halls officially open. Students arriving earlier than the official open date will need to stay in a local hotel.

Most students should plan to leave 24 hours after their spring semester last final exam. The absolute final day that students can stay in the Residence Halls is the night before Graduation. All students must be moved out of the Residence Halls by 5pm on the day of Graduation.

The following furnishings are provided by Otero College for the students of Otero Housing:

  • Wunsch Hall—drapes or blinds, desk and chair (one per room), bed (x-long twin), dresser, and a closet or wardrobe.
  • Conley Complexblinds, desk and chair (2 per room), bed (x-long twin), dresser and wardrobe.
  • South Site Housingdrapes or blinds, desk and chair (one per room), bed (x-long twin), wardrobe, kitchenette table and chairs.

Students should bring following: twin extra-long linens (sheets, blankets, bedspread) towels, pillow, lamps, rugs, laundry items (clothes bag, basket, hangers, detergent), personal items (toiletries, hygiene) and anything that a student feels relevant within college regulations.

For safety reasons, we limit cooking in the residence hall rooms. Foreman grills, electric skillets, hot plates, open burners, gas cook stoves, full-sized refrigerators, full-size microwaves, and space heaters are prohibited. Popcorn poppers, electric coffee pots, and minifridges are permitted.

Microwave ovens are permitted, but they must be mini, dorm-sized microwaves. Standard, kitchen- sized microwaves are not permitted. Students should not bring their own furniture unless it is small enough not to create a fire hazard or impeded on the space of their roommate. Furniture placed in the room by the college will likely not be moved or stored by the college; it will have to stay in the room.

Student rooms are furnished with a bed and a mattress. The bed frames are designed so that students can bunk or loft the beds easily if desired. The mattresses are 79 inches long by 35 inches wide.

Cable T.V. is included in the price of your housing fee. There is a cable connection for each student in the room. Students are encouraged to bring a coaxial cable to connect their television to the jack. Spectrum / Charter provides the expanded basic cable plan.

Otero College does not offer summer housing. Students may find local landlords willing to offer a summer contract or lease.

All rooms in Wunsch Hall, Conley A and South Site have an activated phone line. Students will need to supply the phone, the phone line to plug into the jack, and the answering system, if desired.

All residence halls are non-smoking. In addition, obnoxious odors are prohibited. An obnoxious odor is any aroma of such intensity that it becomes apparent to others. Obnoxious odors that are the result of persons using or being in the presence of marijuana, alcohol, excessive fragrances, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other substances are prohibited because such smells disturb the living-learning environment of the residence hall.

Otero College does not offer storage during the school year or during any break. Students can contact local storage companies in La Junta for more information about storage options.

Residents may submit a Room Change Request form to the Residence Hall Manager. Room Change Requests will be reviewed after the second full week of classes each semester until the last two weeks of the semester. These requests are handled on a first come, first served basis. Before any room changes will be made, the Residence Hall Manager assesses the student's needs. Room switches are generally granted for the following reasons:

  • Unresolved roommate issues (mediation was attempted but failed)
  • Threat of violence or bodily injury
  • Psychological distress by a roommate
  • Survivor of sexual assault or violence
  • Maintenance issues that cannot be fixed in a reasonable time frame

The Residence Hall Manager must give approval in writing prior to any student moving their belongings from one room to another. Residents who complete an unauthorized change or fail to complete an approved housing change may lose their preferred room assignment, be required to relocate, and /or be subject to disciplinary action, including a $50 fine.

Students requesting housing accommodations should contact the Residence Hall Manager.

The custodial staff is responsible for cleaning the common areas of all residence halls and the bathrooms of Wunsch Hall. The student is responsible for cleaning her room or apartment on a regular basis. Students living in Conley Complex or South Site must clean their own bathrooms as well.

Students are allowed to use temporary decorations. Decorations or changes to the room that require putting holes in the walls or creating any permanent fixtures are not allowed. Any permanent changes will be assessed a damage charge.

No unauthorized pets of any kind are permitted in Otero Housing. Your housing arrangements can be immediately revoked for having a pet and at a minimum, a fine of $25 per day can be imposed on students who bring any unauthorized animal into Otero Housing. Live-in faculty and professional staff may be granted permission to have a dog or cat live in their own apartment. Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals are permitted only after a student has provided the college with appropriate documentation and has received written approval from the Residence Hall Manager who coordinates with Student Disability Services.

Students may bring a personal vehicle to campus but must get a free campus parking permit.

Otero College Housing will be closed for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. For valid and limited reasons, students may stay during Thanksgiving Break or Spring Break but only if they have received written permission from the Residence Hall Director at least one week ahead of the break. There is no option for students to stay in Otero Housing during Winter Break (the dates between the end of Fall Semester and the start of Spring Semester). During Thanksgiving and Spring break students regular electronic key will not open the exterior doors unless they have made arrangements in advance with the Hall Manager.

Any changes to a previously submitted housing application should be submitted via e-mail to the Residence Hall Manager.

Please do not submit another application.

No matter who fills out a Housing Application, it is the student who is financially responsible for the costs of living in the Residence Halls. All bills associated with housing are assigned to the student, not the student’s parents or any other person.

The Application-Contract may be canceled and the one hundred-dollar ($100.00) deposit refunded in some circumstances. The Contract will be refunded provided request for such cancellation is received by the Residence Hall Manager on or before AUGUST 1st of the current year. This Application-Contract cannot be cancelled by the applicant after the above-mentioned date if the applicant attends Otero College during any part of the period for which accommodations are requested. If the applicant is officially denied admission to the college prior to the beginning of the period for which accommodations are requested, the deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be refunded.

Any student requesting to leave Otero Housing must submit the request in writing to the Residence Hall Manager. If students leave during the first eight weeks of any semester, the unused portion of the room and board charges will be refunded (prorated refund). After eight weeks, there will be no refund for room and board. Refund requests will be coordinator by the Residence Hall Manager to the Otero Cashier. If a student is no longer attending classes, it is important to make sure that they drop all courses so that charges are corrected according to policy.

There are 11 student staff hired as Resident Assistants (RA) each Spring. New residents can learn more about how to become an RA or other student leader by joining the Becoming Staff Interest Group (B.S.I.G). In addition, each year one or more work study positions are hired to help manage the Wusnch Hall Office. Students should apply for work study jobs by going to and hovering over “About Otero” and in the drop down menu select “Employment”. On the left, select “Student Employment”. Scroll to the bottom and on the right select the hyperlink that says “Career Management: Purple Briefcase”.

Most every building on campus, including the Residence Halls, has an open WifI network available for smart devices, laptops, and other WiFi ready electronics. Residence Hall rooms also have traditional wired ethernet connections available.

Students will have to provide their own ethernet cord to connect their laptop. All personal wireless routers, repeaters and extenders (sometimes

referred to as ‘rogue access points’) are strictly forbidden as it negatively impacts the Otero WiFi signal.

1802 Colorado Ave.
La Junta, Colorado 81050

Residents can pick up their postal mail (i.e. letters) from their individual mail boxes. For Wunsch Hall residents, the mail boxes are located in the Wunsch Hall Lobby right next to the Office window. The Wunsch Hall mail boxes are opened by combination. Conley A, Conley B, and Conley C residents pick up their postal mail in Conley B. Conley D, Conely E, and Conley F pick up their mail from the mailboxes in Conley E. Conley mailboxes are opened by a key.

Combinations and keys are distributed to residents at check-in when students return their Room Condition Reports. Mail is returned to sender during the summer when school is not in session.

No matter what building a student lives, all residents pick up their packages at the Wunsch Hall Office. Please know that, unfortunately, there is usually a delay for when students can get their packages; all packages arrive initially to a campus sorting room before they are delivered to Wunsch Hall. A student may get a notification from the sender that the package has been ‘delivered’ to campus. However, since packages first go to a sorting room, it may take one additional day for them to arrive to Wunsch Hall. Students can check with the Wunsch Hall Office staff to see if the

package has arrived at Wunsch Hall. Don’t worry if it is not at Wunsch Hall yet; it may be on campus already but still in the process of getting to Wunsch Hall.

Unfortunately, Otero College does not have a post office to serve students. There is, however, a regular blue United States Postal Service (USPS) mailbox near the street round-about, next to the east-side doors of the Student Center. Any student who has already affixed a stamp to their envelope can place mail in the blue mailbox located near the street round-about and parking lot on the east side of the Student Center. Students who need stamps or who want to mail a package can go directly to the La Junta United States Postal Service Office located at 324 Colorado Ave, La Junta, CO 81050. Please call ahead (719) 384-9841 for the most up-to-date hours of operation.

If a student already has a package label printed from UPS or FedEx, the student can affix the label to their package and the Otero College Physical Plant (Maintenance / Facilities Office) will send it out when UPS and FedEx come to campus. The Physical Plant, located on San Juan Avenue, is a building with a sign out front that says “Maintenance”; it is just a block or so down south of the Student Services building (McBride Hall). Students can call (719) 384- 6818 to check if the office is open or get other related help.

All residence hall room door’s lock automatically when closed. Residents who forget their key inside their rooms will be locked out. Residents should try to call their roommate to get let back into their room. If that doesn’t work, residents can knock on their Resident Assistant’s door (or call their RA if they have the phone number). Finally, residents can visit or call the Wunsch Hall Office (719) 384-6875. In situations where the office is closed and the student’s Resident Assistant is not answering knocks on the door, residents can call Campus Security (719) 469-2613. Residents should especially call Campus Security for late night lock- outs (after 11pm). No matter which staff member lets a student back into their room, the lockout will be documented, and the student will be charged $5 for the lockout service.

Residents can bunk or loft the beds provided by the college. Anyone interested in bunking a set of bed needs to visit the Wunsch Hall Office and get four steel pins, which is all the equipment needed.

Students wanting to loft their bed will need the four steel pins but will also have to ask the Wunsch Hall Office for a work order to be placed with the Physical Plant; maintenance staff workers will have to bring an extra wood headboard and footboard to the student room in order to loft the bed.

A hard copy of the current-year Housing Handbook is available at the start of the year check-ins. In addition, the  Student and Housing Handbook is available online.


Housing FAQs - You've got questions we've got answers.