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a student works in a Dorm Room

Your Room

Room Assignments

Roommate assignments are made by the Residence Hall Director with the assistance of college staff. Students who wish to request a specific roommate may do so when they complete the housing contract. These requests are taken into consideration but cannot always guarantee that’s who your roommate will be. All room changes must be cleared with the Residence Hall Director. If you have problems with a roommate, please contact the Residence Hall Director to work out the problem or to make a change.

Otero Junior College reserves the right to change any room assignment without notice.

students read and rest in a dorm room

Room Furnishings

The following furnishings are provided by Otero Junior College for the students of OJC Housing: drapes, desk/chair, bed, dresser, and a closet. Mattresses provided are twin x-long.

The following furnishings are to be provided by the student:

  • Linens (sheets, blankets, bedspread, towels, pillow)
  • Lamps and rugs
  • Laundry items (clothes bag, basket, hangers, detergent)
  • Personal items (toiletries, hygiene) and anything that you feel relevant within college regulations.

the outside view of Conley dorm

Cable Television

Basic cable is included in your housing facility fee. Your television must be cable ready and you must know how to program channels. There is a cable jack located in your room; it is your responsibility to provide the cable line to plug into the jack.

Internet Service

Otero Junior College is offering all students wireless access campus wide. Copies of instructions will be available at student services.

Phone Service

All rooms except for rooms in Conley B, C and D have an activated phone line. Students who desire to have an in-room phone, will need to supply the phone, the phone line to plug into the jack, and the answering system.