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Housing Contract Instructions

Welcome to your home away from home.

How to Apply for the Residence Hall

a front view of a brick building hallResidents must be 17 years of age or older at the time of the start of the contract that the resident will be living in the dorm. A refundable hundred dollar ($100.00) security deposit is required by all applicants.

Application Instructions for Student Housing

  1. Fill out an online housing contract
    You can pick up a paper copy from the Director of Auxiliary Services or Student Services office.
  2. Submit your completed online housing contract
    Completed housing contracts will be e-mailed to the Director of Auxiliary Services and the Otero Cashier in Student Center.
  3. Pay your refundable $100 deposit
    You can give your deposit to the Cashier in Student Center, pay online by logging into MyOJC\Student Finance\Pay Bill, mail in a check or call and give your credit card information over the phone at 719-384-6843.

    Mail check to: 
    Otero College Cashier
    Cashier's Office
    1802 Colorado Ave.
    La Junta, CO 81050

    Request for Housing Deposit Refund

  4. Turn in a copy of your vaccination records

    Please visit Otero's Vaccination Policies page for more information on required vaccination records and exemption details.

    Once you have applied for housing you will be assigned to a room by the Residence Hall Director. You will receive a letter the first week in August letting you know your room assignment and also containing important information concerning checking in to the dorms.

    If you have any other questions please contact the Residence Hall Director, at 719-384-6875 or email 

students in an OJC dorm

Additional Housing Information

Cancellation of application-contract by applicant: This Application-Contract may be canceled and the one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit and any other payments on the Contract will be refunded provided request for such cancellation is received in the College Housing Office on or before AUGUST 1st of the current year. This Application-Contract cannot be cancelled by the applicant after the above-mentioned date if the applicant attends Otero College during any part of the period for which accommodations are requested. If the applicant is officially denied admission to the college prior to the beginning of the period for which accommodations are requested, the deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be refunded.

Application of deposit: If the Contract is fully completed by the applicant, hereinafter referred to as “student”, the deposit will be refunded upon surrender of the room at the end of the Contract year or graduation.

Period of contract: The Contract is for the entire academic year, or, if the student applied for accommodations after the beginning of the academic year, for that part of the academic year remaining after the effective date of the Contract. I agree that if I have not requested cancellation of the Contract on or before the date stated on the Contract, and if I attend Otero College, I will live in Otero Housing during the entire academic year for which this Contract is made. If I fail to fulfill the terms of the Contract, I understand one of the following conditions will apply and that financial penalty will be imposed.

Moving from Otero Housing, I understand that my housing deposit will be forfeited.

Moving from Otero Housing prior to mid-term (8 weeks into semester) will result in room and board charges being prorated. After the 8 weeks, students will be charged for the entire semester.

Full-time student: Students living in Otero Housing are required to be of full-time status carrying 12 or more credit hours.

Occupancy of hall: Rooms may be occupied two days prior to the first day of classes. Rooms may not be occupied by students when the Residence Hall is closed during vacation periods and must be vacated at the close of the academic year. All personal property must be removed from College property on the last day of the period of occupancy. The college does not offer any storage for belongings outside the occupants’ assigned room.

Room assignment, dorm parking, charges, and payments: After a room has been assigned to the student the College will notify the student of their room assignment. The College reserves the right to change the room assignment and to require the student to move to different accommodations when the College deems it expedient, in which event the student’s account will be credited, or charged, with any difference in the charges. I agree that should I bring a vehicle to Otero, while in attendance, I will obtain a parking permit for the window, display it and park in the designated areas for housing students.

Fire, theft or damage: The College will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any of the student’s personal property. The student shall reimburse the College for all damage to the structure in which he is housed and damage to, or loss of, any College fixtures, furnishings or personal property furnished under this Contract caused by any negligence on the part of the student.

In the event that the accommodations assigned to the student are destroyed or otherwise made unavailable and the College does not furnish other accommodations in the same or another Residence Hall, the Contract shall terminate any and all rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall cease and the right of the College and student to payments previously made by the student shall be prorated on the basis of the period for which accommodations were made available to the student.

Rules and regulations: The student shall comply with all rules and regulations of Otero Housing and of the College which are now, or are hereafter, in effect, which rules and regulations specifically made a part of the Contract reference. By affixing my signature I agree to comply with all disciplinary rules set forth in the Housing Handbook and general regulations of the college.

Completion of application: Current application must be completed with current housing application and deposit paid in full.