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International Orientation

Pre-Arrival & Orientation

International Students stand back-to-back

Pre-Arrival Orientation for international students consists of a variety of videos, information and activities to help you prepare for your American adventure and is offered through the D2L system. Upon acceptance you will be sent your username and password.

On-Campus Orientation

In addition, we offer a short in-person orientation for international students prior to the start of classes each semester. Below is a general schedule of orientation. 

Time Event
August 13, 2021: New International Student Arrivals


OJC Airport Pick-up

If you are driving or coming in at a different time, you will need to make arrangements to get to OJC. You may contact the Office to schedule a move in time between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Time Event
Day One — Getting Settled

Placement Testing and Registration

8:30 am

Meet in the Wunsch Hall Lobby

Bring your Passport.

As students complete the test, we will advise, plan their course schedule and register them for classes, after which students can get their student ID, make a payment on their OJC bill, etc.

Arkansas Valley Fair Parade Excursion

8:30 am

Meet in the Wunsch Hall Lobby
Board the Bus for the Fair Parade

McDivitt Gym Parking Lot

If you have taken the ACCUPLACER and registered for your classes, you will join the Arkansas Valley Fair Parade! Make sure to wear good walking shoes!


Represent OJC in the Parade!

Pass out candy, schedules, wave your country’s flag!


Brunch @ the OJC Food Court

Special Sessions

1:00 pm

Jump Start! All student orientation program to familiarize you with campus and the MyOJC Portal.

3:00 pm

Taking Care of Business

Take a trip to the bank to set up an account.

5:00 pm

Taking Care of Business | Shopping!

Wal-mart/Dollar Tree/Game Stop retail area

5:30 pm

Dinner @ the OJC Food Court

6:30 pm

Bowling @ Eagle Lanes or Fair Visit

Time Event
Day Two — Information Explosion!

9:00 am

Getting Started

  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Health & Medical
  • Money Matters
  • Social Life
  • Employment
  • Weather/Climate

Walking Tour of Downtown La Junta

10:00 am

Leave for Downtown La Junta on foot

11:30 am

Lunch @ Majestyk Pizza Downtown
- Make sure to RSVP if you are pre-season, IRO or returning so I get correct numbers

12:30 pm

Return to OJC Campus

Special Sessions in Humanities 112
You will need your passports, I-20, DS-2019 and Health Insurance Card.

1:30 pm

Academic Matters

2:30 pm


3:30 pm

Culture & Diversity

4:30 pm

Shopping Trip II

6:30 pm

Bowling @ Eagle Lanes or Fair Visit

Time Event
Day Three  The Whole OJC Family!

10:00 am

JumpStart Orientation

12:00 pm

Family Lunch & Opportunities Fair in the
Rattler’s Den. Stop by and say “hello!”

4:00 pm

For anyone else who misses orientation, this is a bare bones course.

6:00 pm

Student BBQ (generally this means hamburgers and hot dogs)

Airport Runs

Airport Runs at the end of semester in the fall will be the day after the last day of finals and in the spring the day after graduation.

The bus or van will leave OJC at 6:00 am arriving at Denver International Airport between 9:30 and 10:00 am. Please keep this in mind and book your flight to leave after 12 noon. If you have to book a flight that leaves earlier, book it for the day after the airport run and stay over in Denver so that you can make your flight.

Students Date Time
Airport Pickups
Pre-Season International Athletes August 1, 2021  7:30 pm
New International Students August 13, 2021  7:30 pm
Returning International Students August 15, 2021  7:30 pm
New International Students January 7, 2022  7:30 pm
Returning International Students January 9, 2022  7:30 pm
Date Time
Airport Drop-Offs
December TBA, 2021 Arrives at Airport @ 9:30/10:00 am
May TBA, 2022 Arrives at Airport @ 9:30/10:00 am

If you are unable to get a flight that arrives at the scheduled OJC International Pick-up/Drop-off times, you will need to find another means of getting to La Junta. Here are some options that you might want to consider.

Public transportation/Taxi Services are not available in Rocky Ford at the Bus Stop or in La Junta at the AMTRAK station at potential arrival times. You will need to contact the International Relations Office, coaches or friends for transportation from these stops to Otero Junior College. Please make these arrangements in advance of your arrival.

These are cost estimates only. Actual costs may be different.