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Replacement Diploma or Certificate

This form is for any PAST OJC STUDENT who needs to order a replacement diploma or certificate.

NOTE: Any CURRENT STUDENT needing a diploma MUST fill out a full graduation application.

Online Diploma Request

Print full legal name as you want it to appear on your diploma or certificate
First Name:   *Required Field
Middle Name (or initial):   *Required Field
Last Name:   *Required Field
Your Student S #:
(N/A if you don't have one)
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If you didn't have a S# or don't remember your S# and entered N/A above please fill out the following information:


Email:   *Required Field
Permanent Mailing Address:
Address:   *Required Fields
Current Phone:   *Required Field
(If Unsure contact
Student Services at 384-6831)

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** NOTE: If you choose Associate of Applied Science or Certificate please enter your emphasis.
All diplomas are a $20 charge and will be billed to your account when your diploma is ordered.
If you have any questions about this form please contact Student Affairs at 719-384-6831.