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students in the Student Success Center

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Disability Services Specialist located in Learning Commons, Room 123, or call 719-384-6963 about free services to assist them. Services include: tutoring, note takers, readers/writers for tests, time for in-class reading/writing, in-class aide for reading/writing, accommodation of physical setting in classroom, tape recorded lectures, enlarged print on handouts/tests, sign language and oral interpreting, adaptive equipment, alternative testing, software/hardware accommodations and other specialized academic procedures.

Procedures for Documentation of Disability
Students with a disability are required to contact the Disability Services Specialist at 719-384-6963, if they need assistance. The specialist will evaluate the documentation of disability, facilitate reasonable and appropriate accommodations, and monitor academic progress. It is the responsibility of the student to supply adequate documentation of disability and bear the cost of provision of such documentation. When documentation is received, the student and the specialist determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations and details for permission to conference. Instructors in each of the student’s classes are then notified of necessary accommodations. For more information, call: 719-384-6963.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is adjacent to Wheeler Library in the Learning Commons. The ASC provides students with additional areas to study independently and in group settings. Students who visit the Academic Success Center can make appointments with academic tutors or peer coaches throughout the day and into the evening hours.

Students can receive free one-on-one tutoring in the ASC in all math and science courses, along with free tutoring in research and writing.

Group tutoring and interactive experiences that supplement classroom lectures and labs are held daily in the Academic Success Center. Commonly referred to as PLUS Sessions, students can attend these sessions free of charge to gain the additional support and understanding they need or success in their math and science courses. Anatomy and Physiology models, Apple TVs and other assistive learning devices are available for student use.

In addition to individual and group tutoring, our professional tutors and peer coaches manage three study zones per week in the Learning Commons. These zones include: (1) Research, Reading, and Writing; (2) Math; and (3) Science. Collaborative student learning is encouraged within these study zones and tutors and peer coaches are available to assist students as needed.

General Tutoring Services

Staff tutors offer other general tutoring support to students in the Academic Success Center, usually by appointment. For more information call 719-384-6944.

Science PLUS Sessions

The Academic Success Center is home to the Science PLUS Sessions. Students enrolled in many of the science courses at OJC can attend daily and weekly PLUS Sessions. PLUS Sessions are supplemental instruction sessions that provide hands-on group tutoring for specific courses. Students have access to hands-on learning resources such as Anatomy and Physiology models, Apple TVs and other assistive learning devices. PLUS Sessions are held in the Academic Success Center Collaboration Room.
For more information call 719-384-6860.

TRiO Program

The Learning Commons is home to TRiO Student Support Services (SSS), a federally-funded TRiO Program under the U.S. Department of Education. Students who are participants in the TRiO Student Support Services program have access to free tutoring either on a drop-in basis, by appointment, or through organized group study sessions. TRiO tutoring is offered in the Academic Success Center. For more information call 719-384-6835.

Writing Center

The Academic Success Center is home to the Writing Center. Students enrolled in all English and writing courses, can access free tutorial services in the Writing Center, located in the Academic Success Center/Learning Commons. The Writing Center is staffed by English faculty and peer tutors who work individually with students as well as in group sessions. Drop-in's are welcome as well as by appointment. Evening hours are also available. For more information call 719-384-6849.

two students work on a computer project

Other Tutoring Support

Students have numerous options to find additional academic support through group and individual tutoring sessions.

Faculty Tutoring and Support

OJC faculty members are some of the brightest and best instructors that can be found on any college campus. We highly encourage students to get to know your faculty members and become comfortable with asking them for additional help and support. Faculty members provide published office hours in their course syllabus and welcome students to visit them outside of class to work on concepts and information that the student is struggling with. Read your course syllabus to find your instructor's office location, hours and contact information.

Math Center

The Math Center, located in McBride Hall, Room 129, is open Monday – Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Wednesdays until 7:30, and on Fridays until 3:00 p.m.. Several of the College’s full-time faculty are housed there along with student (peer) math coaches. Students can drop in or make appointments to work individually or in study groups as well as access MyMathLab materials for student homework and quizzes.

Services are free and provide that additional support and understanding students need to be successful in their math and science related courses. For additional information, feel free to call 719-384-6862.

Nursing Tutoring

Nursing students can access tutoring support through faculty and peer tutoring sessions as well as organized group study sessions. For more information call 719-384-6878.

Open Computer Labs

All Otero Junior College students may use the open computer labs located in Academic Success and Learning Commons. There are lab assistant and peer tutors available to answer questions and provide assistance.

All Services are Free to Students Enrolled in Classes at OJC.