Departments & Programs

Small Classes and Faculty who Know You!

ClassroomAt OJC when you enter our classrooms, you become a name and a face our faculty members remember every day that you are a student on this campus. You will quickly recognize that our faculty and staff care about you as a person; they care about your interests, your goals, your achievements and they will try to help you through your struggles. College is not easy, but when you have the kind of support that is offered at OJC, you will discover the resources and encouragement to achieve your goals. 



The Arts Department is committed to interdisciplinary education that develops proficient readers, writers, and communicators; encourages participation in and appreciation of the visual and performing arts; and engages in a continuous process of linking instructional improvement to student success.

Service Occupations

The Service Occupations Department offers a variety of courses and programs of study designed to provide the student with the skills necessary to obtain entrance level employment in the field of their educational program. 

Math & Science

The Math & Science Department is staffed by well-educated, dedicated and professional faculty. The department strives to create a learning environment that is focused on student success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


The Business Technologies Department offers a variety of courses and programs of study designed to provide the student with the opportunity to develop an understanding of business, technology and managerial skills.

Nursing and Health

The Nursing and Health Department is designed to provide education to prepare the student for serve in a variety of healthcare roles.