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Living Accommodations and Expenses

Otero Junior College

Residence Hall - All single freshman students under 21 years of age who do not live with their parents or relatives while attending Otero Junior College are required to live in OJC Housing. Residents must be 17 years of age at the beginning of the year under contract. The college president may grant a waiver of the minimum age based on extenuating circumstances unique to the role and mission of community colleges.

Students over 21 years of age may live in OJC campus housing based on special program needs, availability, and suitability as determined by the college president.

All students living in the campus housing are required to be enrolled as full-time (12 credit hours or more). Additionally, students residing in campus housing are required to purchase one of the provided meal plans in the college cafeteria. Charges are computed on a cost basis and are subject to change whenever costs change.

If students leave during the first six weeks of any semester, the unused portion of the room and board charges will be refunded. After six weeks, there will be no refund for room and board.

Housing Options at OJC

Housing options at OJC include three separate facilities. Wunsch Hall is located just a few yards from the Student Center and Food Court. Wunsch Hall is a multi-story complex with a men’s wing and a women’s wing. The rooms are set up to be double occupancy with central restroom and shower facilities on each floor. The facility has a central lobby and game room. The E.J. Conley Residence Complex is located directly across the street from the Student Center and features double occupancy single floor units that share a bathroom with the adjoining suite. The
South Site housing facility is leased by OJC from the City of La Junta. It is located 1.5 miles south of the campus on San Juan Avenue. These units are single floor, double occupancy with a bathroom that is shared with the adjoining suite.

Colorado Residents Living on Campus - Tuition, fees, books, and supplies will cost approximately $4,600 per year. Room and board will cost from $5,980-$6,716 per year. Personal expenses will average about $700 per year. Total cost is approximately $11,000. Some students will require less than this amount while others will require more. Travel expenses to and from home are not included in these estimates.

Out-of-State Residents Living On Campus - By simply adding $3,200 to the figure for Colorado Residents, the estimate for out-of-state students is fairly accurate. Total cost is approximately $14,200.

Other Housing Options

Private Homes - Sophomore students and/or students over 21 years of age may choose to rent a room in a private home. Apartments will generally average $450 per month per student.

Commuter - The full-time commuting student will spend approximately $4,500 per year for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Personal expenses and commuting expenses must be added to this figure.

Other Costs

Printing - Otero Junior College utilizes a software product called PaperCut, to monitor printer and paper usage. At the beginning of each semester, all students will be allotted a $25.00 allowance printing privilege which equates to 250 pages of printing at 10 cents a page. Should the student find they need to print more than the maximum of 250 pages, they will be required to purchase PaperCut Print Cards at Student Affairs. PaperCut Print Cards are valued at $10.00 each for 100 pages of printing, are non-refundable, and will expire at the end of each semester. Students will be responsible for monitoring their individual printing privileges and managing their own accounts. Additional information on PaperCut can be found at or visit the OJC Office of Student Affairs.

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