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English AA

Transfer Degree Description

The written word has the power to inform and inspire. An English program will help you develop your talents and learn to write with clarity and purpose. You will gain thorough knowledge of classic and contemporary literature and explore a variety of writing styles, including creative, persuasive, and informational writing. An English degree is highly transferable to a multitude of fields, including business, law, and education.

An associate program in English could lead to a career as a high school teacher, copywriter, book editor, publisher, or librarian. This degree is transferable to universities offering a bachelor’s degree in English.

Students should work closely with their advisor and contact their transfer institution choices for more specific transfer information.

Degree Pathway

Year One

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ENG 121
LIT 115

English Composition I
Introduction to Literature
Lab Science
History Course



ENG 122
MAT 120

Social/Behavioral Science
English Composition II
Math for Liberal Arts or higher
Lab Science





Year Two

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ARTS & HUM------
COM 125
   or COM 115

Arts & Humanities Electives
Interpersonal Communications
   or Public Speaking



* English requirements


Students choose 5 gtPathways (GT-AH2)
 *NOTE: Students are required to take a total of 5 (five)Literature courses (15-credits), 4 (four) of which must be at the 200-level.


15 Credits

6 Credits



Transfer Degree ADVISING SHEET



*If a student should need to take remedial and/or pre-requisite courses they are not included in this degree plan.

*Some courses may not be offered at Otero but available with CCCOnline.

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