Administrative Organization

OJC Organization Charts 2017 - 2018



President's Office


    Office of the President
J. Rizzuto
    Vice President of Administrative Services
P. Mallott
      Vice President of Instructional Services
K. Grimsley
      Vice President of Student Services
J. Paolucci
          Director of Human Resources
C. Noll
          Director of SBDC
R. Patrick
                    Accounting Tech II
R. Horton



Administrative Services


    Office of Vice President of Administrative Services
P. Malott
J. Johnson
    Director of Physical Plant
J. Canaday
          Director of Computer Center
M. Allen
            Coordinator of Grants & Data
S. Petramala
    Coordinator of Landscape Design
C. Weaver
              Computer Technician Web Support
S. Borton
            Business Office Coordinator and Book Store Purchasing
 T. Eddy
    Grounds & Nursery I
T. Kelley
P. Reed

T. Archuleta
R. Carrica
J. Hart
(temp) G. Hendren
                      Custodian III
 K. Paugh
                          Custodian II
E. Martinez
                      Custodian I
V. Florez
I. Freidenberger
L. Martinez
K. Montoya
J. Talmich
F. Salazer

Security I
T. Freidenberger
J. Liming
J. Clarke

                      Administrative Assistant I
J. Golden



Instructional Services


  Office of Vice President of Instructional Services
K. Grimsley
Associate VP of Instruction
R. Trosper
  Director of Instructional Initiatives
R. Brown
              Chair, Business,  Technology & Service Occupations
T. Dorenkamp
    Chair, Arts
 E. Litle
    Chair, Math & Science
C. Reeves
    Chair, Director of Health Programs
D. McElroy
R. Belew
M. Blackford
B. Gremillion
J. Hight
B. Matthew
W. Myers
R. Samaniego
T. Stephenson
M. Valdez
S. Wallace-Ormiston


L. Bamber
S. Kalaher
K. Kelly
C. Litle
J. Reed
C. Stork


S. Averett
W. Beadles
L. Gallegos
 D. Khanal
M. Korbitz
B. Mueller
C. Nielsen


T. Cox
C. Frey
H. Haley
C. Jackson
J. Johnson
K. Schmidt
A. Tarrant
R. Striegel

  Director of Library & Learning Resources
 C. Herasingh
    Coordinator of Instructional Services
D. Eddy
    Coordinator of Educational Technology
M. Hotchkiss-Trejo
                                                            Administrative Asst. I
R. Lease

Educational Resource Specialist

H. Wold

                                                        Career Coach
L. Tyscka

Instructional & Technical Specialist

S. Frentress


Full Time Tutor
S. Japhet




Student Services


  Office of Vice President of Student Services
J. Paolucci
Associate VP of Enrollment Management
A. Kaess
    Director of Financial Aid
A. Moore
  Director of International Relations
R. Wallace
L. Berg
  Accounting Tech II
P. Achatz
    Coordinator of Testing Center/GED Chief Examiner
K. Juul
    Coordinator of Student Life
J. Bishop
  Director of Student Support Service (TRiO)
H. Lewis
  Assistant Director of Financial Aid
K. Miller
  Coordinator of Intn'l Relations Program   Administrative Asst. I
J. Horton
      Career Coach and ADA Coordinator
A. Hall
    Director of Fitness Center
 T. Gabriel
  Athletic Director
G. Addington

Academic & Transfer Advisor
J. Lopez

Career/Financial Advisor
 A. Cihura

                                      Assistant Director of Fitness Center 
T. Magdaleno
    Athletic Coaches
D. Davis
 C. Carrillo
C. Cortes-Ortiz
 B. O'Connor
M. Paeth
D. Sanders
T. Shaffer
C. Smith
L. Sumpter
 J. Willis
                    Director of Auxiliary Services
 D. Carrillo

Assistant Residence Hall Managers

L. Archuleta
J. Bishop
A. Lopez
M. Wilkening

    Trio Tutor/Admin Assistant
L. Ramirez

Assistant Coaches
L. Archuleta
J. Bishop
G. Carreno
C. Cosslett
J. Jolly
A. Lopez
K. Reid
M. Wilkening
D. Wold 

  Coordinator of Campus & Community Events
D. Phillips
                                                  Athletic Trainer 
S. Holewinski
          Student Ambassador                                                  
  Webmaster/Portal Administrator
G. Randall
                                                  Sports Information
T. Magdaleno




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