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Hybrid Courses & Desire to Learn

Otero Junior College

OJC Hybrid Courses

Otero Junior College’s hybrid courses provide students some flexibility in how their courses are delivered. Students will have scheduled face-to-face meetings with OJC instructors and through the use of the Internet will utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) to access course materials, complete reading and writing assignments, take exams, and communicate with the instructor and other students.

OJC hybrid courses are not independent study or self-paced, they are instructor-paced. Students may contact their instructor via phone, email, or personal visits. Each course is a normal one-semester OJC course. Courses offered as hybrid courses may vary each semester.

Technical Requirements

Platform: Windows 7, XP or Vista Mac OS9, Mac OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion

Hardware: 512MB of RAM, 1 GB free disk space

Software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader

Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 5.0 or higher. Safari 5.0 Javascript and Cookies Enabled, Pop-Up Blockers Disabled

Internet Speed: Dial-Up (56K), DSL/Cable or Broadband preferred

Download Add Ins: Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java 6 update 26 Microsoft PowerPoint Reader

Technical requirements may change or be higher based on any given class. It is the responsibility of the student to keep software and hardware updated with the latest upgrades. Alternate software is permissible if it can save to the .doc or .xls format. Dial-up is not preferred for classes that require large transfers of data, (e.g. Photoshop images, videos or webcam).

Students will need to be proficient with computers to access the Internet, reply to emails, and send attachments. Students also need to assume responsibility as a full partner in their OJC hybrid learning process.

Hybrid Courses Tips for Success

• Attend the on-campus orientation/tutorial session offered each semester.
• Read your course syllabus carefully. This has all the information regarding your responsibilities as well as add/drop and withdraw dates.
• Log into your class right away and often to view new postings, assignments and tests.
• Communicate with your instructors often; they are your contact for the course.
• Expect to commit as much time to a hybrid class as would be required for a traditional class.

Students who do not have access to a computer may find computers available in the Learning Commons.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

OJC uses a learning management program called Desire2Learn (D2L) that uses the Internet for course content delivery for both traditional classes and those that are taught as hybrids (online). The web-based platform allows students to access and submit assignments, take exams, and communicate with the instructor and other students. Instructors can add to their (D2L) courses additional tools such as discussion boards along with content such as documents, video and web pages. (D2L) is endorsed as the web platform for all colleges in the Colorado Community College System.

Desire2Learn (D2L) Support

Support for D2L is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For assistance log onto: Self-help Searches: Search this website for solutions to the most common problems. Support over the Phone: Call toll-free any time (888) 800-9198. Support via Chat: Chat with an analyst to ask questions in real time. Submit a Problem: Don't have time to troubleshoot now? Send a help request and the staff will contact you.

High School Equivalency

(formerly known as General Education Development-GED)

Earning a High School Equivalency Certificate is an alternative to earning a High School Diploma and is granted by the Department of Education for the State of Colorado upon successful completion of one of the three testing programs, GED, TASC or HiSET. The HSE program is open to persons 17 and older who are no longer attending High School.

BUENO HEP/HSE, sponsored by the University of Colorado's BUENO Center for Multicultural Education, is a High School Equivalency Program (HEP) that offers instruction in the subject and skill areas necessary to help students with job-entry level studies. Actual length of study varies with the individual’s educational abilities. In addition, simulated tests are administered to determine readiness for appropriate college-level classes and for the official HSE tests. At that time, the student and instructor evaluate the student’s progress.

The BUENO HEP/HSE Center is located in Humanities Center, Room 130. For additional information, interested students should contact the BUENO HEP office 719-384-6848.