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Developmental Education

The Pathways

Developmental Education - Math Pathways

Otero Junior College offers pathways to 100-level Math courses based on the student’s career or major area of interest. Students receive advising to help them choose the appropriate path and determine readiness for the initial math course for their career and/or transfer goals. Quantitative Literacy includes only content necessary for success in Non-STEM and Non-Transfer Math courses. STEM Prep includes content necessary for success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Learning support co-requisites provide additional structured support to students who are close to the placement score and would like to enroll in the next course in their chosen sequence.

Developmental Math Pathways

Developmental Education - English/Reading Pathways

Otero Junior College offers an accelerated model that provides students with the opportunity to enter a 100-level class no later than their second term of enrollment. After preliminary assessment, students will be placed in courses that offer supplemental instruction to encourage success. These include a non-credit option for placement tutoring; co-requisite, credit-based lab support for College Reading and Composition coursework; integrated reading and writing linked to 100-level courses; and co-requisite integrated reading and writing paired with transfer level college composition courses.


Developmental English Path

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