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Affiliated Programs

Special and Affiliated College Programs

President’s Leadership Program (PLP)

Sponsored by the Otero Junior College Foundation

An academic certificate in Leadership at Otero Junior College requires 12-credit hours of study and is limited to scholars who are accepted into the President's Leadership Program. The mission of the President’s Leadership Program (PLP) is to develop and train emerging leaders at Otero Junior College through a one- or two-year academic leadership program. The objective of PLP is to provide academic, experiential and service learning programs designed to foster and cultivate leaders who are: Ethical, visionary, critical and innovative thinkers, committed to action, empowering of others, rational and intuitive, open to possibilities and servants of the broader good. The program serves as a bridge between Otero Junior College and the greater community by continually developing partnerships with area leaders, businesses and community service organizations.

The program requires two core leadership courses and additional elective courses from a wide-variety of academic programs on campus. Students must complete the 6-credit hour leadership core plus an additional 6-credits of electives with a grade of “B” or higher to receive the certificate.


Required Courses:
MAN 224 Leadership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
MAN 287 Cooperative Education/Internship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Elective Courses: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Students may choose 2 of the following courses to fulfill elective requirements.
MAN 128 Human Relations in Organizations
BUS 217 Business Communication & Report Writing
POS 205 International Relations
COM 115 Public Speaking
COM 125 Interpersonal Communications
PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 112 Ethics
PSY 101 General Psychology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology I
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology II

Service Learning

PLP places an emphasis on community service and civic engagement in order to help scholars develop a social awareness, civic responsibility and interconnectedness. A total of 120 service learning hours will be required over the course of the program.

Experiential Learning

PLP scholars will be given opportunities to learn about leadership through numerous hands-on experiences throughout their one or two years in the program. This will be provided, but not limited to, annual leadership workshops and conferences, lectures from recognized leaders and opportunities for leadership positions on campus and in the community. As part of this experience, students will become an active member of Phi Theta Kappa or other approved organization.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on leadership potential, intellectual curiosity and commitment to something outside one’s self. Scholars will be chosen based on:
- A minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average is required to apply.
- Completed written application that includes an essay question and examples of leadership and service experiences
- Two letters of recommendation
- High School or college transcripts
- Personal interview

For more information about the President's Leadership Program, contact Program Director Samme Ormiston at 719-384- 6850 or

Presidents Leadership Students



Southeast Colorado Resource Enterprise Center (SCORE)

The Southeast Colorado Resource Enterprise (SCORE) Center, is a one-stop facility that was opened in 2006 to meet the needs of economic development, business, housing and non profit organizations in the region. The SCORE Center was funded through a grant by HUD's Hispanic Serving Institutions Assisting Communities program.

The SCORE Center houses the college's Grant Resource Office, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), La Junta Economic Development, and the office for Otero County Economic Development. The facility is designed to allow various entities to pool their
resources and work together to help boost economic development efforts in the area.

The Grant Resource Office provides Otero Junior College with grant research, exploration and writing services to help provide additional scholarships, support and programming for OJC students. 

The Small Business Development Center works with future and existing small businesses in Otero, Bent,
Crowley, Prowers, Baca and Kiowa counties to develop business plans and create successful enterprises.

La Junta Economic Development facilitates business retention, expansion and attraction in the region through the
formation of partnerships.

Otero County Economic Development works toward the expansion and attraction of business and industry to the

 Direct lines to each office are:
• OJC Grant Resource Office: 719-384-6997
• Small Business Development Center: 719-384-6959
• Otero County Economic Development: 719-384-6977 
• La Junta Economic Development: 719-384-6965


Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center

The Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center (SCEOC) is a federally sponsored satellite program that assists low-income and first generation individuals to pursue post-secondary educational goals. Admission application procedures, financial aid preparation, career, and educational planning are some of the services offered through the SCEOC. Call 719-384-6852 for more information or visit the OJC office in McBride Hall, Room 150.

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