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Class Attendance

Regular attendance at all class meetings and laboratory sessions is required of all students. College policy provides that at the instructor’s discretion a student’s grade may be lowered one letter grade after three unexcused absences. Students should always notify faculty and/or instructors of absences beforehand if possible.

Serious illness, death in the family, or participation in college-sponsored activities are examples of conditions for receiving an excused absence. Arrangements for excuses are to be made between the student and the instructor. In case of extended absences, the Office of Student Affairs should be notified.

All students must attend at least one class after registration within the first 5 days of any semester, or they will be administratively dropped from the course (s).

Students who are absent from classes are responsible for making arrangements to make up the work missed.

Final Tests - Students are required to take all final exams at the time posted by the individual instructor for each individual class. Students should not ask to take final exams at any other time unless in the case of extreme emergency. If a student has a situation that may warrant an exam time change, the student needs to contact the instructor of the class.

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