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NUA Nursing Assistant

NUA 101 - Nurse Aide Health Care Skills 4 Credits
Prepares the student to perform the fundamental skills of the nurse aide. Basic nursing skills, communication skills, restorative services, personal care skills, safety and emergency care issues are covered. Includes knowledge and/or principles of asepsis, OSHA and HIPAA regulations. Ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity and principles of mental health will be addressed, as well as patient/resident rights.
(Contact hours - 82.5)
Corequisite: NUA 102, NUA 170

NUA 102 - Certification Exam Prep .5 credits 
Helps prepare the student for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination.
(Contact hours - 7.5)
Corequisite: NUA 101 or permission of instructor

NUA 170 - Nurse Aide Clinical Experience 1.5 Credit
Applies knowledge and skill gained in NUA 101 to patient care.
(Contact hours - 37.5)
Prerequisite or Corequisite: NUA 101, NUA 102

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