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MAN Management

MAN 128 - Human Relations in Organizations 3 Credits
Introduces interpersonal relations most directly linked to attainment of organizational and individual goals in the business world.  Other factors include motivation, career development, and conflict resolution. It explores the importance of effective communication in organizations. Addresses organizational issues such as employee motivation and customer complaints as related to product or service defects.
(Contact hours - 45)

MAN 200 - Human Resource Management I 3 Credits
Provides an overview of the contemporary issues, theories, and principles used to effectively manage human resources.  Topics covered include job analysis and design, talent acquisition and retention, planning and recruiting human resources, selecting employees, job placement, employee training and performance management, selecting employees, compensation and benefits, and retaining employees.
(Contact hours - 45)

MAN 216 - Sma
ll Business Management
3 Credits
Examines the elements necessary for the successful formation of a new small business and to enhance the skills of those already involved in the operation of a small business. This course includes the development of a complete small business plan.
(Contact hours - 45)

MAN 224 - Leadership 3 Credits
Focuses on the leadership skills for contemporary organizations. Covers development and communication a shared vision to motivate and empower employees to manage conflict, to negotiate, and to develop teams.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.

MAN 226 - Principles of Management 3 Credits
Provides an overview of the principles of management.  Emphasis is on the primary functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling with a balance between the behavioral and operational approaches.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: MAN 224

MAN 287 - Cooperative Education/Intern 1-12 Credits
Provides students with the opportunity to supplement course work with practical work experience related to their educational program and occupational objectives. Students are placed at approved work stations which are related to their program of study. They work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the instructor/coordinator.
Prerequisite: MAN 224

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