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HLT Horticulture

HLT 100 - Horticulture Science 4 Credits
Introduces students to the principles of the plant science as they relate to horticulture. The course emphasizes the application of plant sciences to the propagation, improvement, culture and utilization of horticultural plants.

HLT 101 - Introduction to Horticulture 4 Credits
Introduces the biology of horticultural plants, and basic horticultural practices.

HLT 160 - Greenhouse Management 4 Credits
Covers greenhouse design, systems, management, and the major greenhouse crops and their cultural needs.
(Contact hours - 90)

HLT 202 - Plant Healthcare 4 Credits
Introduces the fundamental concepts of integrated pest management and plant health care. Teaches students to diagnose pest and disease problems and formulate site-specific prevention and control strategies. 
(Contact hours - 90)

HLT 208 - Pesticide Safety and Use 3 Credits
Familiarizes students with the safe handling of pesticides used in horticulture and the laws and regulations that govern all facets of pesticide use in Colorado. Can be used as preparation for completing the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s pesticide licensure exams

HLT 240- Introductory Soil Science 4 credits
Discusses the formation, physical properties, chemical properties and management of soils emphasizing conditions that affect plant growth. The principles of soil fertility and practice of fertilizer use is also discussed.

HLT 260 - Plant Propagation 4 credits
Teaches seed and vegetative plant propagation techniques, the biology underlying modern plant propagation practices, and their application in commercial plant production.

HLT 280 - Internship 1 Credit
Provides students with the opportunity to supplement course work with practical work experience related to their educational program.  Students work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the instructor/coordinator.
(Contact hour - 45)

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