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EMS Emergency Medical Services

EMS 121 - EMT Fundamentals 3 Credits
Introduces the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) student to prehospital emergency care. The topics included in this course are Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems, well-being of the EMT, communications, documentation, anatomy, airway management and patient assessment.
(Contact hours - 67.5)

EMS 122 - EMT Medical Emergencies 4 Credits
Provides the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) student with the knowledge and skills to effectively provide emergency care and transportation to a patient experiencing a medical emergency. This course focuses on the integration of the physical exam, medical history, and pathophysiology when assessing and treating the medical patient.
(Contact hours - 75)
Prerequisite/Corequisite: EMS 121, EMS 170

EMS 123 - EMT Trauma Emergencies 2 Credits
Provides the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) student with the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate emergency care and transportation of a patient who has suffered a traumatic injury. The concepts of kinematics and the biomechanics of trauma, along with pathophysiology and injury patterns will provide the student with the ability to assess and manage the trauma patient.
(Contact hours - 37.5)
Prerequisite/Corequisite: EMS 122, EMS 170

EMS 126 - EMT Basic Refresher 2 Credits
Provides the student with a refresher course designed to meet the recertification requirements for the State of Colorado and/or a portion of the recertification requirements for National Registry.

EMS 170 - EMT Basic Clinical 1 Credit
Provides the EMT student with the clinical experience required of initial and some renewal processes.
(Contact hours - 30)
Corequisite:EMS 122 & 123
: EMS 121

EMS 203 - EMT Intermediate I 6 Credits
Course provides preparatory information and is the first part of the EMT Intermediate program.
(Contact hours - 112.5)
Prerequisite: EMS 170 or equivalent.

EMS 205 - EMT Intermediate II 6 Credits
Serves as the second course for EMT Intermediate certification.
(Contact hours - 112.5)
Prerequisite: EMS 203

EMS 270 - Clinical: EMS Intermediate 3 Credits
Provides the EMT-I student with the required field experiences as required by the Colorado Department of Health.
(Contact hours - 67.5)
Corequisite: EMS 205
Prerequisite: EMS 203

EMS 282 - EMT Intermediate Internship 2 Credits
Provides the EMT- Intermediate with a supervised clinical learning experience that meets or exceeds the requirements for the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Enables the student to work with a preceptor for clinical and internship experience to develop an understanding of advanced life support patient care and assessment.
(Contact hours - 78.5)
Prerequisite: EMS 205, EMS 270

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