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BUS Business

BUS 115 - Introduction to Business 3 Credits
Introduces the application of fundamental business principles to local, national, and international forums. This course examines the relationship of economic systems, governance, regulations, and law upon business operations. It surveys the concepts of career development, business ownership, finance and accounting, economics, marketing, management, operations, human resources, regulations, and business ethics.
(Contact hours - 45)

BUS 216 - Legal Environment of Business 3 Credits
Emphasizes public law, regulation of business, ethical considerations, and various relationships existing within society, government, and business. Specific attention is given to economic regulation, social regulation, labor-management issues, environmental issues, and contract fundamentals. This course analyzes the role of law in social, political, and economic change business environments.
(Contact hours - 45)

BUS 217 - Business Communication & Report Writing 3 Credits
Emphasizes effective business writing and covers letters, memoranda, reports, application letters, and resumes. Includes the fundamentals of business communication and an introduction to international communication.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: CCR 094  

BUS 226 - Business Statistics 3 Credits
Focuses on statistical study, sampling, organizing and visualizing data, descriptive statistics, probability, binomial distributions, normal distributions, confidence intervals, linear regression, and correlation. Intended for business majors.
(Contact hours - 45)
Prerequisite: MAT 055

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