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Course Descriptions

Methods of Determining Credit

Course credit is based on semester hours. One semester hour of credit usually represents 50 minutes of class time per week for a semester. Some courses with laboratory sessions meet for longer periods of time per semester hour of credit.

Course Listings

All courses listed in this catalog appear alphabetically by subject code and in numerical sequence with listings broken down as follows:

1. The capital letters preceding the course indicate the subject area in which the course is offered and are used as a code.
2. The three digits immediately following the subject area code identify individual course offerings within the area of study. In general, the first digit, 1, indicates a first year subject and a 2, a second year subject.
3. The words following the course number are course titles and describe the course in as few words as possible.
4. The single digit on the far right of the second line indicates the number of credit hours the course carries.

For a complete listing of all Colorado Community College Common Courses, go to:


The listing of a course in this or any other college publication does not constitute a guarantee, nor contract, that the particular course will be offered during the time listed. All courses are subject to scheduling changes or cancellations. Every effort to inform students of such changes and/or cancellations will be made.

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