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Career and Technical Certificates

Programs of Study

Career and Technical Education certificate programs provide students with the skills necessary to obtain entrance-level employment in the field of their educational program. The following programs generally run for one to four semesters depending on the student’s interests and objectives.

Students with previous occupational courses in high school or training in military services, or training via some other source may be given allowance for credit or advanced standing in the Career and Technical Education program of their choice.

Training includes job skill development as well as the necessary related technical information necessary to enhance an individual’s productivity in the world of work.

Agri-Business Management

Records and Business Planning
Financial Analysis
Commodity Marketing
Market Plan Development
Web Productivity and Utilization
Advanced Business Management
Integrated Management
Profit Maximization
Rural Business Entrepreneurship 
Leadership/Human Resource Management

Agricultural Production Management
Crop Production

Artificial Insemination

Community Health Worker


Hair Stylist
Nail Technician

Emergency Medical Services

EMT Basic 
EMT Intermediate

Law Enforcement

Livestock Production

Nursing Assistant


Practical Nursing


Certificate Programs

The programs outlined on the following pages are for guidance of students and advisors; they may be changed only on approval.

Minimum Competency Standards for Program Admission

Otero Junior College uses the results of a basic skills assessment test (Accuplacer) to direct students into appropriate English, reading and mathematics course(s) and to advise students in the selection of other courses. Prior to enrollment, all new students must complete an assessment. Research on Colorado’s basic skills assessment programs indicates that new students who follow assessment-related advice have a much higher chance of academic success than those who do not. Please refer to information in the Mandatory Basic Skills Assessment and Placement section of this catalog.

Certificate Requirements

A. Students must pass all program courses with a minimum grade of “C”.
B. Completion of 16 semester hours or one-half of the certificate requirements from Otero Junior College.
C. Complete the Application for Graduation form by the end of the first week of final semester.
D. Meet all financial obligations to the College.

General Information

Career and Technical Education programs are designed to prepare students for immediate employment. Many of these courses are equivalent to college level academic course offerings and may be accepted by some college disciplines later if the student decides to transfer to a four year institution.

Gainful Employment Resource Information

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. The information provided at the following web link is the best available to us but represents one year’s data only.

Click on the specific program you are interested in to learn more about salaries and future employment projections. If you have any questions regarding the data provided contact OJC Student Services at 719-384-6831.

The listing of a course or program in this or any other college publication does not constitute a guarantee, nor contract, that the particular course or program will be offered during the time listed. All courses or programs are subject to scheduling changes or cancellations. Every effort to inform students of such changes and/or cancellations will be made.

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