Transfer Agreements

Assisting our students in the transfer process

GraduateIf you are planning to transfer on to a 4-year university after graduating at OJC, we can help you with that process.  As a member of the Colorado Community College System, Otero Junior College participates in the numerous transfer agreements that have been developed by the Colorado Community College System.  In addition, OJC has developed a number of unique Articulation/Transfer Agreements with both in-state and out-of-state universities for specific programs of study. 


Students may transfer 31 credits of completed general education course work (with a grade of C- or better in each course) to most public colleges in Colorado. Students who complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree are guaranteed to transfer 60 credit hours of courses required for those degrees to a four-year school, once they have been accepted for admission. Students who follow this plan should be able to finish a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree within another 60 credit hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Some degrees may exceed the typical 120 credit hours required to successfully graduate.

To review a full list of transfer agreements, go to:

Statewide articulation agreements for the following professional degree programs prescribe specific general education courses and degree requirements: Business; Elementary Education; Engineering; and Nursing.