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About the OJC Welding Program

The welding program at Otero Junior College is designed to prepare students to obtain entry-level employment in agriculture, production, and maintenance environments, as well as railroad and pipeline industries.

Why Choose OJC for Welding Education?

  • This program is designed to allow enrollment of both secondary and post-secondary students.
  • The OJC Welding Program is designed to meet the needs of all prospective students including high school students, full-time or part-time college students, and adult learners.
  • Our advanced welding training prepares you for more complex types of welding and welding procedures, such as robotic, railroad, and pipeline welding operations.
  • Scholarships and financial aid are available for those who qualify. [Financial Aid]
  • Student housing and dining services are available right on campus. [Campus Housing]

Opportunities for Welding and Production Skills

Otero Junior College offers multiple certificates in welding and production that provide students with the foundational skills to enter the workforce.

Welding Career Pathways

OJC continually evaluates the welding certificate program to meet the training needs of industry partners; in our welding classes, you are always acquiring workplace-ready skills that are in demand.

Welding Certificates

As a student you may complete one or more certificates in basic welding skills, including Welding Fundamentals I, Oxyacetylene, Welding Fundamentals II, and/or Welding Production. Advanced training will prepare you for more complex welding procedures, such as robotic, railroad, and pipeline welding operations.

Students may complete one or more certificates simultaneously with the permission of the instructor. 

You'll learn the basics of safety and cutting processes.

Oxyacetylene Certificate

WEL 100
WEL 101

Safety for Welders
Allied Cutting Processes

1 credits
4 credits

This certificate provides the foundation for layout and fabrication, gas metal arc welding (GMAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), and industrial math skills.

Welding Fundamentals I Certificate 

WEL 103
WEL 250
WEL 201
MAT 102

Basic Shielded Metal Arc I
Layout and Fabrication
Gas Metal Arc Welding I
Skilled Trades/Industrial Math

4 credits
4 credits
4 credits
2 credits

You will continue to build skills in GMAW, GTAW and SMAW processes.

Welding Fundamentals II Certificate

WEL 110
WEL 202
WEL 224

Advanced Shielded Metal Arc I
Gas Metal Arc Welding II
Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

4 credits
4 credits
4 credits

This certificate will prepare you to work in various pipe industries.

Advanced Welding Pipe Certificate

WEL 230
WEL 231
WEL 289
Pipe Welding I
Pipe Welding II
4 credits
4 credits
4 credits

This certificate will prepare you for employment with railroad construction and maintenance operations.

 Advanced Welding Railroad Certificate

 WEL 107   WEL 108   WEL 109   WEL 289

Railroad Welding I
Railroad Welding II 
Railroad Welding II

3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
4 credits

You will advance your GMAW skills and be introduced to flux cored arc welding (FCAW), robotic, and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

Welding Production Certificate

WEL 204
WEL 145
WEL 124

Flux Cored Arc Welding II
Intro to Robotic Welding
Intro - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

4 credits
2 credits
4 credits