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Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts Transfer Degree

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Students interested in Criminal Justice with plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree would follow this recommended track. Students who choose to fulfill degree requirements will be eligible to receive the Associate of Arts (AA) Degree. This is a traditional liberal arts education with a focus on arts and humanities, communication, or social sciences. The Associate of Arts Degree is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year institution to complete their Bachelor of Arts Degree. Because of different requirements at four-year institutions, it is essential that students discuss their degree plan with their advisor.

Transfer Information

If you are planning to transfer on to a 4-year university after graduating at OJC, view the OJC Transfer Agreement. Each student should work closely with their OJC advisor and contact their transfer institution choices for more specific transfer information. Other transfer information can be found at The Colorado Dept. of Higher Education.


Pathway to Criminal Justice Program

The Pathway to Criminal Justice Program is focused on students that want to attain an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, or a related field, and then focus in the Law Enforcement area. For example; if you want to work with protecting our natural resources, your advisor may recommend attaining an Associate of Science in one of the sciences and then attending the Law Enforcement Certification Program. This would put you on the path towards working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

For students that don’t yet meet the age requirement of 20 years old for the Law Enforcement Certificate Program, you can attain an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice and have a slot secured in the OJC Law Academy. After attaining state peace officer certification this pathway would allow you to seek jobs with the backing of the basic certification and a specialized associates of arts degree.

Law Enforcement Certification Program – Full/Part Time Academy

The Law Enforcement Training Academy puts on both a full time and a part time academy. The full time academy is a one-semester, 40-credit hour, intensive peace officer certification program that provides you with the necessary skills and mindset to succeed in law enforcement. The Academy offers over 750 hours of classroom and hands-on training, including additional hours in investigations, communication, arrest control, firearms training, and law enforcement driving skills. The curriculum encompasses 200 hours above the 556 required training hours set by the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board.

OJC Law Enforcement Training Academy