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a farmer points to a field

Are you interested in helping people, protecting the environment, and producing a healthy food supply to combat hunger not only in the United States but the world? Are you interested in technology, science, and business? If you are, have you considered a career in agriculture, one that could provide you with a fulfilling and rewarding future?

Agriculture today is so much more than just a farmer following a horse drawn plow. Today science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are necessary to meet the demands and challenges of the modern world. Agricultural career options include working with crops, animals and resources that contribute to the worldwide food supply. The demand for agriculture professionals is high and Otero Junior College is the place to start on your career today.

National FFA and Discovery Education have joined forces to create a robust, comprehensive career resource to help you explore the broad range of careers within the industry of agriculture.

— For more information about agriculture careers visit Ag Explorer.

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