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Animal Science

Associate of Science Transfer Degree

Ag Students work on tools in a workshop

What is the study of Animal Science?

The study of animal science, traditionally called animal husbandry, combines the biological, physical, and social sciences with the tools, techniques and business strategies of modern farm management as they apply to the breeding and management of domestic livestock.

Animal Science - Meeting the Challenge

Animal Science is concerned with the science and business of producing domestic livestock species, including but not limited to beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, and swine. An animal scientist applies principles of the biological, physical, and social sciences to the problems associated with livestock production and management. Animal Science is also concerned with foods of animal origin: meat, dairy foods, and eggs. The food industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the United States. In addition, animal science is concerned with aspects of companion animals, including their nutrition, care, and welfare.

- American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)

About the Animal Science Degree Program at OJC

Otero Junior College, in cooperation with Colorado State University - Fort Collins, has developed a two-year Associate of Science degree track with an emphasis in Agriculture in three different areas: Agriculture Business, Animal Science, and Soil and Crop Science.

Why Choose OJC for Animal Science?

Upon successful completion, all classes associated with the Animal Science degree meet the articulation agreement and will transfer seamlessly into the CSU-Fort Collins College of Agricultural Science where a student can earn a bachelor's degree with an additional 60 hours of credit.

In addition  Ag Science articulation agreements also exist for New Mexico State University, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, West Texas State University and Northwest Oklahoma University. Please see your advisor for the correct course of study and articulation agreement specific to your transfer university.

Students interested in Animal Science with plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree would follow this recommended track.

Transfer Information

If you are planning to transfer on to a 4-year university after graduating at OJC, view the OJC Transfer Agreement. Each student should work closely with their OJC advisor and contact their transfer institution choices for more specific transfer information. Other transfer information can be found at The Colorado Dept. of Higher Education.

What Career Opportunities Are Available in Animal Science?

  • Allied animal industries such as feed and equipment manufacturers
  • Breeding and livestock marketing organizations
  • Professional teaching positions as state and area livestock specialists and county agricultural agents.
  • Food processors, meat packers, and related industries
  • Essential background for professional careers in veterinary medicine.
  • Government agencies employ persons as administrative or technical specialists in animal science
  • Livestock breeders and feedlot operators
  • Researchers and laboratory technicians are employed by many government agencies and private firms
  • State and national organizations such as the National Cattlemen's Association, National Pork Producers Council, etc.
  • Universities, colleges, and other educational organizations
  • Vocational agriculture educators
  • Writers and communicators with animal sciences training
  • Zoos, kennels, animal clinics, horse farms, animal preserves, and similar facilities
  • As new career opportunities emerge, many trained animal scientists will be needed to assume these challenging roles.
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