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Fall 2021 Return To Campus FAQ

Revised August 13, 2021

*Note – the following information is based upon current guidelines from CDE, the State of Colorado and Otero County Health Department, and is subject to change.

Otero College offers in-person, hybrid, and online courses. All modes of instruction are offered for the Fall Semester. 

Classrooms will return to 100% capacity based on pre-COVID fire code requirements. Most classrooms are capped at 25-35 seats. In-person classes will require seating charts to assist with contract tracing in the even of a positive COVID case. 

For the first two weeks of the Fall Semester, Otero College is requiring faculty, staff and students to wear face coverings for indoor group settings only. As students from across the country and across the world make their way back to campus, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that our campus remains safe, preventing any possible transmission of COVID. Wearing face coverings and practicing appropriate social distancing measures for the next two weeks will be key to ensuring a smooth transition to the Fall semester. After two weeks, campus administration will evaluate the situation and hopes to be able to remove the requirment. Otero continually monitors the information coming from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Colorado Governor's Office and the Otero County Health Department.

Yes, the Residence Halls are open at 100% capacity for the Fall Semester. COVID-19 vaccines, or vaccine waivers, are required for all students living on-campus. Otero has designated isolation and quarentine rooms in the even of a confirmed positive COVID case.

Yes, the Rattlers Den is open for on-site dining, at 100% capacity based on pre-COVID, fire-code guidelines. Meals are offered by attendant-served buffets, as well as a self-served salad bar with implemented safety precautions.

Testing will be available on an as-needed basis, following guidance from local, state, and federal agencies. 

Yes, the OJC Fitness Center is open at 100% capacity. Staff will conduct intensive sanitization and the cleaning of equipment between uses.

Listed below are the expectations that will be in place to allow students, faculty, staff and visitors to be on campus:
• All students and visitors are REQUIRED to self-screen for symptoms prior to arriving on campus. If you are experiencing any of the COVID-related sypmtoms, you are required to self-report HERE.
• Full-vaccinated individuals are not required to wear masks while on campus (both indoors and outdoors). Unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated individuals are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear masks while on campus and interacting with others.  
• Everyone on campus will be expected to follow the guidelines posted on signage throughout campus that explains hygiene and safety measures.
• Everyone on campus will be expected to do frequent handwashing upon arrival, departure and throughout the day. Sanitation stations are located throughout campus to aide in this effort. 

Otero is committed to keeping students, faculty and staff healthy. Health/safety strategies include:
• Daily cleaning and sanitizing conducted by the Physical Plant staff of common areas, classrooms, and office spaces in accordance with CDPHE guidelines
•Proper ventilation of classrooms and office spaces to meet OSHA guidelines
• Highly encouraging partially or unvaccinated individuals to practice social distancing and mask-wearing while on campus and interacting with others
• Placement of sanitation stations in readily available locations throughout campus
•Implementing room capacity guidelines and classroom seating charts to assist with contact tracing 
•Posting sinage oncampus to encourage individuals to commit to keeping campus safe by following health precaution guidelines
• Developing protocols for how to assist symptomatic students, and isolate/quarentine positive COVID cases

Yes, the College plans to have athletic events in the fall in accordance with CDC, CDPHE, OCHD, NJCAA and Region IX guidelines.  

Yes, at this time, athletic events will allow spectators. Otero will continue to live stream most athletic events. Athletic even schedules and Livestreaming access are avaialbe on the OJC ATHLETIC WEBSITE.

Yes, all events scheduled for Fall Semester will folllow the same guidelines that will be in place for in-person classes. 

If you begin to feel ill, click HERE to seslf-report your symptoms. Otero staff will contact you directly, and assist you with seeking proper medical attention.

With the experience the College has had over the past year of converting all classes to hybrid instruction, the College is well prepared to once again make a smooth transition to this learning format should it become necessary.