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OJC Press Release ID: 3086

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Equity Pledge Signed by OJC President


On March 15, a large contingent of college presidents, legislators, student groups and organizations joined a virtual meeting to sign the Equity Pledge along with Governor Jared Polis. OJC President, Timothy Alvarez, was invited to participate and signed the pledge along with countless others in leadership positions around Colorado.

In December of 2020, the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) Colorado Equity Champions Coalition (ECC) released a detailed report that supports Colorado’s goal to reach 66% educational attainment by 2025 through the implementation of strategies aimed at erasing equity gaps. The report shares recommendations that build on prior accomplishments and address efforts that will better support students.

The recommendations of the ECC are meant to help find tangible processes to create an education system that is equitable for all. The report also provides practical improvement strategies that will serve as a guide to the ECC and will establish measures of success and accountability structures that will help promote enrollment, persistence and completion against equity gaps.

Dr. Alvarez said, “There is no disputing the fact that there continues to be a wide gap in postsecondary credential attainment and that our economy is dependent on a workforce who have the skills and credentials to fill the employment needs of our businesses. We are committed to improving the success rates of our diverse student body. This is not only good for students, but good for our community. Not only that, but research reflects that citizens who have more education tend to commit more time and energy on building families and community engagement. That is the type of community that we all want to live in and we want to play a positive role in creating this type of community. Our rural communities need us to be successful.”

This event focused on engaging the leaders in education around Colorado. The ECC believes that leadership is an essential pillar in equity work. They set the example for the students and staff as well as the community around them. OJC is committed to carrying out the principles of this Equity Pledge and hopes to continue eliminating equity gaps.

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OJC President, Timothy Alvarez, signed the Equity Pledge, a document that addresses equity gaps in the educational system and uses strategies to promote enrollment, persistence and completion.