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OJC Press Release ID: 3033

Friday, May 8, 2020

Jacob Martinez awarded Music Contest Scholarship for the 64th Otero Arts Festival


The 64th Otero Arts Festival is pleased to award the Music Contest Scholarship to Jacob Martinez of La Junta. The Instrumental Music Contest provides educational opportunities for young musicians and recognizes them for their musical achievements.

“Jacob would make a great addition to OJC and would uphold the values of being a scholarship student,” said Dr. James Lind, music faculty. “His performance articulation was smooth and connected by slurring; tongued articulation was well executed.”

Jacob Martinez played clarinet in the concert band and was one of the Drum Majors this year for the La Junta Jr/Sr High School Marching Band. He enjoys playing anything from the baroque era especially Bach and Handle.

Jacob’s music instructor is Mr. Beard and performance piano accompanist was Ms. Golding-Langston both teachers at La Junta Jr/Sr High School. Jacob is planning to earn a degree in music education.

“The Otero Arts Festival has been an important artistic and cultural event for our area schools for 64 years. It showcases the amazing talent our young students have and with COVID-19 we felt that we had to find a way to continue this tradition of recognizing talent, as well as awarding some outstanding scholarships to award winners,” explained Phillips.

Instrumental Music Competition entries submitted their performances via video as to comply with the recent restrictions on group gatherings. The Music Contest was open to Middle School students grades 7 & 8 (Junior Division) and High School students grades 9-12 (Senior Division).

Instrumental performances were the entrant’s chose of piece, between 3 – 8 minutes in length. All students interested in music were encouraged to enter. Students did not have to be currently participating in band at their schools. The contestant was allowed a piano accompanist if needed.

The Otero Arts Festival awards ceremony this year to honor these talented students was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Winners’ awards and ribbons will be sent to their school for distribution to the students.

Press Release Photo
The Music Contest Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Martinez for his clarinet performance of Cannon in D Major – Pachelbel’s Cannon at the 64th Otero Arts Festival. Jacob is a graduating senior at La Junta High School.