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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cheraw Students Get Hands-on Experience with the OJC Anatomage Table


Cheraw Middle School and High School students visited Otero Junior College on Nov. 20 to tour the campus and participate in a demonstration of the College’s Anatomage table. The Anatomage table is a fully segmented 3D anatomy system that utilizes images of a real human. According to Lisa Gallegos, lead faculty at OJC for Anatomy and Physiology classes, the Anatomage table is a learning tool that helps students learn the complexities of the human body as they study for future careers in healthcare and related fields.

“Users can visualize anatomy on a virtual cadaver,” Gallegos explained to students. “The table allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy in a unique way. We can begin with the skin, work down through the muscles, organs, circulatory system, nerves, and bones,” she explained.

Students in a Cheraw science course have been studying various body systems, including the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. By getting some hands-on experience with the Anatomage table, students were able to change views of the cadaver by rotating the body position to see specific muscle groups and bones from multiple angles.

According to Gallegos, students in OJC biology classes, the Medical Laboratory Technician Program, anatomy classes, and nursing classes have access to the Anatomage table for student learning.

Press Release Photo
Cheraw students are given a hands-on experience with OJC’s Anatomage table on Nov. 20. OJC Anatomy and Physiology faculty member Lisa Gallegos, on right, introduces the students to the skeletal system on the table.