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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

OJC Hosts 23 Annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair


The 23rd annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held at Otero Junior College on Feb. 20-22. A total of 88 students with 82 projects, ranging in grades from K-12, participated in this year’s event. Students from the following school districts participated: Branson, Hoehne, La Veta, La Junta, Las Animas, Manzanola, Pioneer Christian, Primero, Rocky Ford, Swink, Trinidad.

Projects and paperwork for the fair arrived at OJC on Feb. 20 for final safety and display review. Students in the kindergarten through fifth grade category were judged by current OJC students taking courses in science and mathematics classes. The sixth through 12th grade categories were judged by a team of over 50 local professional scientists, teacher volunteers and OJC science students.

The projects were available for public viewing on Friday Feb. 22 followed by the announcement of awards and category winners. Over 20 specialty and traditional awards were made to students in addition to the Outstanding Junior Level Project and Outstanding Senior Level Project awards presented by Otero Junior College. Students placing first, second, and third earned points for their school, and the school with the most point earned the top overall school award. This year, the winning school was Branson followed by La Junta as runner-up.

The Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair is affiliated with the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, and with the International Science and Engineering Fair. Fourteen projects from the Regional Science Fair will be advancing to the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair to be held on April 11-13 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

For more information, contact Warren McClure, Co-Director, Arkansas Valley Regional Science Fair at 719-384-6803 or


23rd Annual Arkansas Valley – Outstanding Junior Level: Owen Doherty- Branson
23rd Annual Arkansas Valley – Outstanding Senior Level: Mikailah Feinman- Primero

Dr. Joel Gray Regional School Award: Branson Schools

Regional School Runner-Up: La Junta Schools

ISEF International Nominees: Mikailah Feinman- Primero

Arkansas Valley Delegates 2019

Student scientists advanced to compete at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair

Ava Warner – Branson
Audrey Valdez – Trinidad
Brock Doherty – Branson
Brecken Dobbs and Savannah Buchschacher – La Veta
Alyssa Bullock and Timothy Johnson – La Junta
Owen Doherty – Branson
Mikailah Feinman – Primero
Boz Zavala – Swink
Nathan Nash – Primero
Isaac Miller – Pioneer Christian School
Kathir Sasikumar – Swink
Bryan Williams – Hoehne
Anya Miller – Pioneer Christian School
Nariah Smith – La Junta

OJC Department Awards:

OJC Astronomy Outstanding Award: Alyssa Gloriosio (Trinidad)
OJC Chemistry Dept. Outstanding Award: Timothy Johnson (La Junta), Alyssa Bullock (La Junta)
OJC Physics Outstanding Award: Bryan Williams (Hoehne)
OJC Outstanding Agriculture Award: Liam Doherty (Branson)
OJC Biology Outstanding Award: Aubrey Holmes (Mananzola)
OJC Math Outstanding Award: Kathir Sasikumar (Swink)
OJC Geology Outstanding Award: Nathan Nash(Primero)
OJC Physiology Outstanding Award: Nariah Smith (La Junta)

Specialty Awards:

Students Awards for Geoscience Excellence: Mikailah Feinman (Primero)
NOAA’s 2019 Taking the Pulse of Planet Award: Kellen McClure (Rocky Ford)
Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award: Kathir SasiKumar (Swink)
American Meteorological Society Award: BOZ Zavala (Swink)
Ricoh Sustainable Award 2019: Mikailah Feinman (Primero)
NASA Earth System Science Award: Mikailah Feinman (Primero)
Colorado Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society: Mikailah Feinman (Primero), Alexus Rooks(Trinidad), Liam Dohetry(Branson), BOZ Zavala (Swink)
ASM Materials Education Foundation: Alexus Rooks (Trinidad)
American Psychological Association: Nariah Smith (La Junta)
The Yale Science & Engineering: Kathir Sasikumar (Swink)
USMA U.S. Metric Association: Lexington Summer (Pioneer)
American Meteorological Society (Certificate of Outstanding Achievement): Owen Doherty (Branson)
2019 Broadcom MASTERS: Owen Doherty, Brock Doherty (Branson)
Regional Water Price Award: Nathan Nash, Mikailah Feinman (Primero)

K-5th winners

Behavior Science
Joseph Gamez, Isabella Ortiz, Isaiah Paralta –La Junta

Jadaan Eck- Las Animas
Lillie Backes- La Junta
Saha Reeves- Orddway

Environment Science
Liam Doherty- Branson

Earth & Space Science
Raghav Sasikumar- Swink
Harlee Lucero- Rocky Ford
Kellen McClure- Rocky Ford

Energy & Transportation
Will Doherty- Branson
Mya Marlow, Tara McClure- Rocky Ford
Bradley Hirschler, Derrick Lockshart- Pioneer

Aubrey Holmes- Manzanola
Hope Vernier- Branson

Medical Health
Javin Summers- Pioneer

Collin Doherty- Branson
Adam Ouattara- La Junta
Acynn Good-Coates, Alexia Cordova- La Junta
Mason Ridde- Branson

Genevieve Miller- Pioneer

6-12th winners:

Ava Warner- Branson
Audrey Valdez- Trinidad
Blake Havens, Trenton Tanabe- Pioneer
Jossiaha Martinez- Primero

Behaviors Sciences
Brock Doherty- Branson
Nariah Smith- La Junta
Savannah Buchshacher, Brecken Dobbs- La Veta
Kayli Lopez- Rocky Ford
Teagan Summers- Pioneer
Alyssa Gloriosio- Trinidad
Brian Kulczyk- Trinidad

Timothy Johnson, Alyssa Bullock- La Junta
Morgan Foxhoven- La Junta
Hailey Harris- Primero
Justin Bocock- Trinidad
Serenity Bowman- Trinidad
Makenzy Fernandez- Primero

Nichole Quagliato- Pioneer
Robert Sandoval- Trinidad

Earth Science
Owen Doherty- Branson
Mikailah Feinman- Primero
Elise Havens- Pioneer
Alexus Rooks- Trinidad
Colten Dunlap- Primero
Jace Baribeau- Primero
Ari Ochoa- Trinidad

Earth & Space Science
Boz Zavala- Swink
Nathan Nash- Primero
Dakota Hicks- Trinidad
Energy and Transportation
Isaac Miller- Pioneer
Aedin Borja- Primero
Diana Farris- Pioneer
Nathan Quaglito- Pioneer
Taityn Willsey- Swink
Virginiarose Salazar- Trinidad

Math & Computer Sciences
Kathir Sasikumar- Swink
Lexington Summers- Pioneer

Medical Health
Danielle Lamorie- Trinidad

Anya Miller- Pioneer
Bryan Williams, Hoehne
Luisa Mejia- Primero
Antonio Cordova- Primero

Chris Bailey- La Veta
Jade Adams- La Veta
Megan Pierce- Trinidad

For More Information:
719-384-6891 |


Press Release Photo
Pictured is Dr. Joel Gray presenting Branson School with the Dr. Joel Gray Regional School Award for the 23rd annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Students were recognized for their dedication and hard work on Friday, Feb. 22 in the Ed Stafford Theatre.