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OJC Press Release ID: 2895

Monday, February 4, 2019

OJC Announces New Scholarship Application


Otero Junior is excited to announce a new scholarship application to make it much simpler for students to apply for scholarships available to them. According to Angela Moore, director of financial aid, the new scholarship application is a product of Award Spring and is an online, one-time submission application that allows students the ease of completing one application instead of applying to each individual scholarship.

The program will sort the student’s application into different categories based on their answers to various qualifying questions. It will show the students which OJC scholarship they qualify for and have applied for once their application is submitted.

“We are excited to implement this online scholarship application in order to provide a simpler way of applying for OJC scholarships for our students.” Moore said. “The one-time application will take the guessing out of trying to decide if a student qualifies for a specific scholarship or not, and will save them a lot of time when they are trying to figure out how to pay for college.”

For more information, contact OJC Student Services at 719-384-6800.


Press Release Photo
Angela Moore, director of financial aid at Otero Junior is pictured assisting a student apply for scholarships on OJC’s new online scholarship application form. The new application process is done online and is a one-time submission that allows students the ease of completing one application that will automatically apply them for multiple scholarships that they may be qualified for.