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Monday, September 17, 2018

High School Equivalency Classes Have Open Enrollment


It is not too late to register for BUENO-HEP High School Equivalency (HSE) classes. Although BUENO-HEP classes began on Aug. 20, the program has open enrollment, which allows students to begin at any time.

If individuals are 17 or older, no longer enrolled in high school, and have a valid photo I.D., they are eligible to complete the BUENO-HEP program. There is no charge for the instruction, tutoring, or for the materials. Marian Morris, BUENO-HEP coordinator, suggests enrolling in the BUENO-HEP program as soon as possible if you are having trouble finding a job that without having a High School Diploma or equivalent.

To begin the program, students will need to complete a brief application and take four pretests. Morris explained that all of the tests are completed on the computer but the instruction is given by an instructor in a classroom setting.

“The pretests are aligned with the official tests. They indicate who is ready to take the official tests, who needs a bit of review to be ready for the official tests, and who needs classroom instruction,” explained Morris.

“The pretests also indicate specific areas that need work for each tester. Pretests are half the length of the official tests,” said Morris. She explained that reading and language arts is a 90-minute test, math reasoning is a 60-minute test, science is a 47 minute-test and social studies is a 33 minute-test. Morris reflected on her experiences, stating that students should take only one test a day and certainly no more than two in a day to achieve the most success.

If a student meets certain BUENO-HEP qualifications, there are grant funds available to pay for each of the official tests. BUENO-HEP qualifications include having someone in the family who have worked 75 days during the past two years in an agricultural related position. This includes any phase of farming, with the exception of working at the roadside stands. Also included in the qualification could be anyone raising and caring for livestock up to, but not including, butchering or packaging.

The Bueno-HEP HSE office is located in the Otero Junior College Humanities Center, room 133. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information or to make an appointment call: 719-384-6848.


Press Release Photo
The classes for the BUENO-HEP High School Equivalency (HSE) program began on Aug. 20, however the program has open enrollment, allowing students to enroll at any time. Pictured are members of the current class working to obtain a High School Equivalency.