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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners Announced


The 22nd annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held at Otero Junior College on Feb. 20 – 22, 2018. A total of 108 students, ranging in grades from K-12, participated in this year’s event. Students from school districts in Branson, Fowler, Hoehne, La Veta, La Junta, Manzanola, Pioneer Christian, Primero, Rocky Ford, Swink, Trinidad and several Homeschooled students participated.

The Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair is affiliated with the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair and with the International Science and Engineering Fair. First place winners in grades 6 – 12 at the Regional Science Fair are eligible to advance to the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair to be held on April 5 – 9, 2018, at CSU in Fort Collins. The top two senior division project winners were: Adrienne Jones, Trinidad and Antonio Arant, Trinidad. They will advance directly from the Regional Science Fair to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pa. to be held May 13 – 19, 2018.

Projects arrived at the Otero Junior College Student Center Banquet room on Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018. The judging process began that day, with judges reviewing and commenting on the project posters.

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018, judging continued throughout the day. Students projects and paperwork was checked for the final safety, display and SRC violations. Students grade K-5 began the interview portion of the judging at 2:00 p.m. Judges for this group of students consisted mostly of OJC students taking courses in the sciences and mathematics.

A team of over 50 local professional scientists, teacher volunteers, and OJC science students served as judges interviewing student’s grades 6 – 12 and analyzing the projects. The projects were available for public viewing on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. -4 p.m.

The announcement of winners and awards ceremony was held at 3 p.m. in the Ed Stafford Theatre, Humanities Center. Over 20 specialty and traditional awards were made to students in addition to the Outstanding Junior Level Project and Outstanding Senior Level Project awards presented by Otero Junior College.

Dr. Joel Gray Regional School Award:
Primero School
Regional School Runner-Up: Branson School

ISEF International Nominees:
Adrienne Jones- Trinidad
Antonio Arant- Trinidad

Arkansas Valley Delegates 2018
Student scientists advanced to compete at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair
April 5– 9 at Colorado State University

Calyn Ashe – Hoehne
Chance Wiening – Trinidad
Timothy Cardenas and Austin Cox – Rocky Ford
Hailey Harris – Primero
Chris Larson – Primero
Antonio Arant – Trinidad
Adrienne Jones – Trinidad
Owen Doherty – Branson
Ava Warner – Branson
Mikailah Feinman – Primero
Thea Lessar – La Veta
Nathan Quagliato – Pioneer Christian School
Brecken Dobbs – La Veta
Kooper Grinstead – Rocky Ford

OJC Department Awards
Astronomy: Antonio Arant- Trinidad
Nursing: Faith and Matthew Jackson- Homeschooled
AG: Ava Warner- Branson
Math: Kathir Sasikumar- Swink
Physics: Tiberius Good- La Veta
Chemistry: Luke Penner- Pioneer Christian
Psychology Club: Cash Gremillion- Homeschool
Biology: Jade Adams- La Veta
Geology: Sasha Reeves- Crowley County

Soil and Water Conservation Society
2nd Place Junior Level: Talli Gremillion - Homeschool
1st Place Junior Level: Liam Doherty- Branson
2nd Place Senior Level: Addison Brusuelas- Rocky Ford
1st Place Senior Level: Mikailah Feinman- Primero

Specialty Awards
American Meteorological Society Award: Boz Zavala- Swink
American Psychological Association: Diego Tenorio- La Junta
NOAA 2018 Taking Pulse of the Planet Award: Brock Doherty- Branson
NASA Earth System Award: Sydney Morelos- Primero
Association for Women Geoscientists: Sasha Reeves- Crowley County
Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award: Kathir Sasikumar- Swink
Mu Alpha Theta Math Award: Antonio Arant- Trinidad

Genius Olympiad held in Oswego, New York on the campus of Oswego State University, June 11-June 16, 2018, the AVRSE fair has nominated Mikailah Feinman, Primero

Military Awards
Naval Science Awards 2018:
Junior Level goes to: Nathan Quagliato- Pioneer Christian and Mark Ashe- Hoehne
Senior Level goes to: Brecken Dobbs- La Veta and Chance Wiening- Trinidad

Air Force Awards 2018
Raghav Sasikumar- Swink
Adam Quattara- La Junta
Tristan Musgrave- La Veta
Connor Lutz- Primero

Behavioral Social Sciences:
5th Grade
1st Place: Diego Tenario, La Junta; Sadie Hearington, Ali Palacio & Lexi McClure, La Junta
2nd Place: Cash Gremillion, Homeschool

6th Grade
2nd Place: Christopher Bailey, La Veta

7th Grade
1st Place: Timothy Cardenas & Austin Cox, Rocky Ford
2nd Place: Makenzy Fernandez, Primero

9th Grade
3rd Place: Antonio Cordova

10th Grade
2nd Place: Andrew Lutz, Primero
3rd Place: Kristen Martinez, Primero

3rd Grade
1st Place: Talli Gremillion, Home School

4th Grade
1st Place: Miguel Rivera, La Veta

5th Grade
2nd Place: Raelynne Geist, Rocky Ford

8th Grade
2nd Place: Madison Nash, Primero
3rd Place: Nathan Nash, Primero

10th Grade
1st Place: Calyn Ashe, Hoehne; Chance Wiening, Trinidad
3rd Place: Cassidy Watson, Primero

1st Grade
1st Place: Kolbi Engebrecht, La Junta

2nd Grade
1st Place: Justyce Gallegos, La Junta
2nd Place: Rosenda Maer, La Junta

3rd Grade
1st Place: Luke Penner, Pioneer Christian; Danner Carroll, Manzanola

4th Grade
2nd Place: Hope Vernier, Branson

5th Grade
1st Place: Livia Smith & Jasmyne Trujillo, La Junta

6th Grade
2nd Place: Cole Hofmeister, Branson
3rd Place: Joey Vergilio, Trinidad

7th Grade
1st Place: Hailey Harris, Primero
2nd Place: Makayla Baker, Branson
3rd Place: Kayli Lopez, Rocky Ford

8th Grade
1st Place: Chris Larson, Primero
2nd Place: Shelby Simms, Trinidad

10th Grade
2nd Place: Victoria Bachicha, Trinidad
3rd Place: Kimberlee Riggins, Primero

Earth and Space Sciences
1st Grade
1st Place: Raghav Sasikumar, Swink
2nd Place: Collin Doherty, Branson

4th Grade
2nd Place: Sasha Reeves, Crowley County

5th Grade
1st Place: Boz Zavala, Swink

6th Grade
2nd Place: Brock Doherty, Branson
3rd Place: Jesse Gegelman, Trinidad

7th Grade
3rd Place: Leilani Kulczyk, Trinidad

8th Grade
3rd Place: Patrick Florez, Trinidad

10th Grade
1st Place: Antonio Arant, Trinidad
2nd Place: Ciara Holland, Manzanola

12th Grade
1st Place: Adrienne Jones, Trinidad

4th Grade
1st Place: Will Doherty, Branson

7th Grade
2nd Place: Ramon Noris, Branson

8th Grade
2nd Place: Mark Ashe, Hoehne

9th Grade
3rd Place: Cody Saint, Primero

3rd Grade
1st Place: Tate Baker, Branson

4th Grade
1st Place: Liam Doherty, Branson

5th Grade
1st Place: Tristan Musgrave, La Veta

6th Grade
2nd Place: Nichole Quagliato, Pioneer Chrisitan

7th Grade
1st Place: Ava Warner, Branson
2nd Place: Addison Brusuelas, Rocky Ford

8th Grade
1st Place: Mikailah Feinman, Primero

Energy Transportation
4th Grade
1st Place: Alec Baca, Pioneer Christian

6th Grade
1st Place: Owen Doherty, Branson

11th Grade
3rd Place: Dillan Villa, Trinidad

Mathematics and Computer Science
5th Grade
1st Place: Kathir Sasikumar, Swink

Medicine and Health
3rd Grade
1st Place: Faith Jackson & Matthew Jackson, Home School

6th Grade
1st Place: Thea Lessar, La Veta
3rd Place: Johnny Lucero, Trinidad

7th Grade
1st Place: Nathan Quagliato, Pioneer Christian
2nd Place: Elise Havens, Pioneer Christian

9th Grade
2nd Place: John Fernandez, Primero

10th Grade
2nd Place: Lexi Riggio Guadagnoli, La Veta
3rd Place: Sierra Podlesny, Primero

Micro Biology
4th Grade
1st Place: Aubrey Holmes, Manzanola

8th Grade
2nd Place: Sydney Morelos, Primero

9th Grade
1st Place: Brecken Dobbs, La Veta

10th Grade
2nd Place: Conner Lutz, Primero

1st Grade
1st Place: Tiberius Good, La Veta & Gianna Ayala, La Junta
2nd Place: Lloyd Mugalu, La Junta

2nd Grade
1st Place: Jordan Martinez, La Junta & Adam Ouattara, La Junta

6th Grade
1st Place: Kooper Grinstead, Rocky Ford
3rd Place: Nevaeh Romero, Primero

7th Grade
2nd Place: McKenzie Riddle, Branson

8th Grade
3rd Place:
Chris Luna, Hoehne

9th Grade
2nd Place: Luisa Mejia, Primero
3rd Place: Wyatt Gardner, Primero

10th Grade
2nd Place: Sam Lobato, Primero

1st Place: Kellen McClure, Rocky Ford & Harlee Lucero, Rocky Ford

2nd Grade
1st Place: Terra McClure, Rocky Ford

4th Grade
2nd Place: Sydney Valdez, La Veta

5th Grade
1st Place: Jade Adams, La Veta
2nd Place: Nella Smith, Pioneer Christian

6th Grade
2nd Place: Abigayle Lancaster, Pioneer Christian

7th Grade
2nd Place: Paula Welker, Manzanola


Press Release Photo
Pictured is Dr. Joel Gray presenting Primero School with the Dr. Joel Gray Regional School Award for the 22nd annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Students were recognized for their dedication and hard work, Thursday, February 22, 2018, at 3 p.m. in the Ed Stafford Theatre.

Press Release Photo
Students ranging in grades from K-12 participated in this year’s science fair from school districts in Otero, Crowley, Bent, Las Animas, and Huerfano counties. Pictured are the 1, 2 and 3 place winners in the Chemistry category for the 22 annual Arkansas Valley Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Press Release Photo
Students receiving the ISEF awards, Adrienne Jones and Antonio Arant of Trinidad at the science fair awards ceremony were all smiles to have completed their projects. Students, parents and teachers attended the science fair awards ceremony on Thursday.