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OJC Press Release ID: 2760

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Former OJC Student Braden Wilson Now Director of Services and Growth for Farm House Fraternities


Braden Wilson former OJC student is currently serving as director of services and growth for Farm House Fraternities. Wilson grew up in Las Animas and went to High school at Westcliffe in Custer County. Originally he wanted to go to a military academy and when that fell through he decided he would go to CSU- Fort Collins. Due to financial aid issues Wilson was prevented from attending CSU – Fort Collins directly after high school. Wilson began considering OJC and made the decision to attend. He claims it is one of the best things that happened in his life.

At OJC Wilson was very involved. He was a member of inaugural Presidents Leadership Program (PLP) cohort, and President of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). According to Wilson, OJC offered a lot of intangibles that he did not realize until after his time at OJC. He felt one of the biggest things OJC has to offer is the culture. “At Colorado State University – Fort Collins I felt like there were professors not teachers. All they did was profess the material and not develop relationships with the students. At OJC I felt like there were teachers, people that build relationships and don’t just profess the subject,” Wilson explained.

Being in the inaugural PLP class has made Wilson think about what leadership is and how can it be applied. “I use many of the practices I learned in PLP in work and in daily life.” Wilson stated.

Wilson loved everything about OJC but PLP was one of his favorite parts. He loved the ability to build relationships on a deep level. On numerous occasions in PLP Wilson and his cohort were given a challenge and a blank slate to solve it. Thinking critically and building relationships was a major part of PLP according to Wilson. “I have not seen OJC’s PLP structure anywhere else. Many of the other leadership programs like it have so much hand holding and do not provide the ability to grow like PLP does,” Wilson said.

Wilson was an instrumental member of Phi Theta Kappa as well. While serving as PTK President “The Great Foundation Wall” was built. In an effort to help OJC with retention PTK built “The Great Foundation Wall”. The idea was students would sign a paper brick and make a commitment to finishing at OJC. Once they had completed their degree at OJC a real brick would be engraved with their name on it and it would be placed on “The Great Foundation Wall”. The money raised from the brick sales gets placed in a scholarship fund. At the end of every spring semester a scholarship is awarded from the fund. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has finished their degree at OJC and is transferring on to continue their education at a university.

Along with the PTK wall, the PTK members decided to start a program called RECESS which stood for Rattlers Educating Cooperatively Encouraging Student Success. The program was built on the basis of having fun. One night a week there would be something they all learned about. The program mixed having fun with learning. One of the greatest outcomes of the program was that they were able to reach out to students and connect them with the Student Success Center and tutors.

After completion of his degree at OJC, Wilson transferred to Colorado State University – Fort Collins where he joined Farm House Fraternities. In June of 2016 Wilson started as a consultant for Farm House Fraternities. Today he is still with Farm House Fraternities and is serving as the director of services and growth.

As director of services and growth Wilson gets to travel a lot. Over his time with the Farm House Fraternity he says he has visited over 25 colleges and universities in North America. Wilson loves that he is able to make an impact on so many college students life and enjoys mentoring them.

A typical day in Wilson’s job is working one-on-one with chapters and overseeing what they are doing on a day-to-day basis. He frequently visits chapters and meets with their officers and will then talk with the entire chapters. Wilson explained the consistency in the roll is the inconsistency. He oversees three team members in the consultant programs where recent graduates go to chapters and perform on-site visits. He also oversees any services that they provide to their chapters. Wilson is part of expansion and growth which entails growing the member base as a whole and reaching out to new schools to get them involved in Farm House Fraternity.

Wilson is open to calls and emails from any potential students that may need advice. For more information, contact him at or 719-371-7873.


Press Release Photo
Braden Wilson, AJ Brown, and Kurt Lieberknecht are pictured last month at the annual Farm House Fraternity Stock Show Breakfast. Braden Wilson is currently director of services and growth for Farm House Fraternities. Wilson has carried many of his OJC experiences with him into the professional work environment.