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Monday, February 5, 2018

PLP Attends Weekend of Leadership at CLA Summit in Denver


Otero Junior College’s President’s Leadership Program (PLP) strives to develop the future leaders on a community, state, and national level. The OJC PLP scholars attended the Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA) Summit Jan. 27, hosted at CU-Denver. The CLA is a leadership program for college students. The program equips students with skills for civic engagement and career success and connects students to Denver leaders through the annual CLA Summit. This is the sixth year that OJC has attended alongside other universities. OJC was once again the only junior college in attendance.

Attendees of the leadership conference were tasked with using the Colorado’s Civic DNA framework to answer questions in their workshops. Each workshop had a problem that had to be solved. Their solution had to be driven by one specific value of Colorado’s Civic DNA which included: inclusivity, anyone who wants to work with us is welcome; collaboration, we get more done together; shared vision, we are always asking what’s next; leadership, giving up power to get things done; responsibility, we are proud to be in Colorado and want to make it even better.

The summit helped members connect with leaders from around the state. One of the main events that takes place at CLA Summit is the Mentorship Walk, in which a group of students are paired with a community leader. While walking around the campus, students are able to discuss life goals with their mentor as well as ask questions. This is a favorite activity of many students as it provides an opportunity to put their leadership training into perspective and open their eyes to where their leadership skills can take them in the future.

After the CLA Conference PLP members were asked what their take on the conference was and what they enjoyed. Here is what four PLP members had to say:

“The mentor walk was a huge awakening and wonderful experience. I went to the leadership workshop and absolutely loved how the meaning of leadership was broken down and what it means to each of us.” Andrew Burton stated.

“The CLA Conference exceeded my expectations of typical leadership clichés and conferences. The entire experience was very enlightening and offered a wealth of knowledge. The mentor walk was especially helpful and by far my favorite part.” Noah Dohm explained.

“I had a lot of fun at CLA, the Key Note Speaker was amazing, I learned so much, and meeting new people made the experience well worth it.” Jodyanna Gallegos said.

“I had a lot of fun meeting and connecting with new people. The workshops I went to on leadership, and design thinking were awesome.” Gisselle Rocha stated.

Each year, OJC PLP members take away something new from this experience, learn from other leaders around Colorado, collaborate with students with other leadership styles, and grow individually and as a team. The students will be applying what was learned in future events and projects hosted by PLP and other activities they are a part of, and will carry it with them long after they leave OJC.

The PLP is a selective program at OJC and offers scholarships each year to many of the members. The preferred deadline to apply for the program is Mar. 1, 2018 and the final deadline to apply is Apr. 2, 2018. To donate, apply, or for more information on the President’s Leadership Program, contact Samme Ormiston, PLP director at 719-384-6850 or


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The 2017-2018 President’s Leadership Program (PLP) members at the Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA) Summit in Denver. The CLA Summit provides networking, mentoring, and problem solving for college leaders. PLP members walk away from the conference each year with new ideas.