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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Register for an OJC Fitness Center Class


According to Lisa Bamber, one of Otero Junior College’s fitness class instructors, the state-of-art fitness center on OJC’s campus can help you keep that New Year’s Resolution. The OJC fitness center boasts a relaxed atmosphere where you can work at a pace that best suits your needs. Bamber encourages all to come try a class out and see if they like it. “There is no obligation to try out a class, you can find a class that works for you by “test driving” it. “The Fitness Center does not have a sign up deadline, you can start at any time,” explained Bamber.

Bamber, who is certified by the National Exercise Trainers Association, encouraged people to check out her Step and Body Bar fitness class that will help improve cardio and provide strength training. The Body Bar & Step classes offer improved muscular strength, enhanced muscle tone, improved cardio endurance, increased flexibility and balance. The class provides students with the ability to vary their level from low impact to high impact. The Body Bar® is a one piece weighted fitness bar, encased in high quality easy grip rubber for a secure and comfortable grip.

OJC’s Fitness Center offers something for everywhere. Whether you are looking for a casual workout or are want to push your routine limits for the ultimate in training, the fitness center has something for all. With the equipment available you can tone specific areas or build a regimen for the entire body.

OJC’s Fitness Center offers a variety of classes along with Bamber’s Step and Body Bar Fitness Class. For more information on any of the classes offered at the OJC’s Fitness Center or to register, contact OJC Student Services at 719-384-6831.


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OJC’s Fitness Center is offering a Step and Body Bar fitness class, taught by Lisa Bamber. This class will help with cardio and strength training. There is no obligation to come and check out any of the classes offered at the Fitness Center.