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Monday, December 11, 2017

STEM Day to be Held at OJC on Dec 18


Otero Junior College’s STEM Day will be held on Dec 18 starting at 7:30 a.m. The day will begin with registration in the Ed Stafford Theatre. A brief welcome from Hailey Wold, educational resource specialist at OJC, and President Jim Rizzuto, will follow.

“We look forward to an entertaining and engaging event this year,” said Wold. She explained that students will be able to complete two workshops during the event.

STEM day will offer workshops that are career based, such as physical therapy and blood typing. One of the workshops will be centered on crime scene investigation. Other workshops will be STEM oriented, but will have some competition incorporated into them. One of the most popular workshops is the Maker Space, an activity that has 11 different mini workshops where students can move fluidly through the area tinkering with different STEM projects.

According to Wold, over 160 students are registered to participate. “We are excited that we have so much participation from the schools in the community. Our five-year STEM grant ended last year; however, OJC is still very committed to helping students explore the exciting possibilities of STEM careers for their futures,” stated Wold.

For more information, contact Hailey Wold at (719) 384-6946.


Press Release Photo
Pictured are students participating at the 2016 STEM Day at Otero Junior College. Over 160 students are registered for this year’s STEM Day on Dec 18.