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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

OJC Ag Olympics Once Again a Success


Whoops and hollers rang out over the Otero Junior College campus the afternoon of October 18, 2017, as the OJC Ag Club and Rodeo Team sponsored the 6th Annual OJC Ag Olympics. The campus body had the chance to get a taste of what agriculture is all about while of course having bundles of fun!

The five member teams had a chance to compete in this year’s newest addition, Ag Minute to Win It including; Gather the Eggs, Water the Animals, Clean the Stalls, and Chuck the Pumpkin all in just under one minute per event. Everyone though had an opportunity as well to stack hay, rope a dummy, tie a goat, set a syphon tube and taste multiple chili’s produced right here in the Arkansas Valley! There were nine teams competing, multiple spectators, students, staff and supporters including our very own president, Mr. Jim Rizzuto who could not hold back encouraging words and smiles.

This year had many faculty and staff that we were tremendously grateful for judging the competition including, Wayne Beadles, Christina Stork, Warren McClure, Lisa Bamber, Gary Addington, Brenda Mueller and Robert Samaniego emceed.

Although, when the event rounded out there was much tension as to who won the golden boot. It turned out that we needed a broom for this year as we had a clean sweep, Men’s Soccer team 3 sported the golden boot, Men’s Soccer team 1 grabbed a hold of the silver boot and Men’s Soccer team 2 fought and kicked for the bronze boot to round out the day. Although Men’s Soccer brought the fire, the “Most Enthusiastic” and close contender was the Presidents Leadership Program with the best vibes and laughing throughout the event winning a large bag of candy.

This well-known event here on campus would not be such a huge success without the support of the local communities, including Hirakata farms that once again donated pumpkins for the hit game, pumpkin chunking! The OJC Ag Club and Rodeo team work hard every year to put on this event and educate their fellow classmates as well. Above all though, they would like to thank everyone who not only participates but comes to support and the communities throughout the valley!

The next event to be sponsored by the Agriculture Program and the OJC Foundation will be the Annual Ag Gala on New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31, 2017. A dinner, dance, auction and night of endless fun will be held at OJC to raise funds for OJC Ag scholarships. Last year’s event raised more than $10,000 and had a phenomenal turnout! For more information about attending or sponsoring this event, contact Brooke Matthew at 384-6964 or We would love to see anyone and everyone at this year’s Gala and truly hope you can attend!

Press Release Photo
OJC Women’s Soccer team competing and learning how to set syphon tubes, from OJC Student Dalton Davis as OJC Student Clay West times the event.

Press Release Photo
OJC Men’s Soccer team swept the event, with gold, silver and bronze. The Gold team was led by coach Chris Smith and his fierce hay stacking abilities.