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OJC Press Release ID: 2660

Monday, May 8, 2017

OJC Health Navigator Students participate in credentialing pilot

Several Otero Junior College Health Navigator students participated in a pilot study of a competency-based credentialing evaluation during the month of April. The pilot took place at the Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) on the Anschutz Campus of the University of Colorado.

Because research evidence supports the positive impact unlicensed Health/Patient Navigators (PNs) have on patient care, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has an initiative to advance Colorado’s PN workforce and to support its sustainability throughout Colorado.

The CDPHE two-fold strategy includes the establishment of voluntary credentialing of competency-based Health/Patient Navigator training programs in Colorado and a state-managed voluntary public list/registry of persons who have successfully completed a CDPHE credentialed training program and the competency-based evaluation in Colorado.

Recent and upcoming graduates of OJC’s Health Navigator training program were invited to play a role in this important statewide project by participating in the development of the competency evaluation that will be part of the voluntary credentialing process for training programs and unlicensed PNs.

Participants interacted with trained individuals who portrayed patients defined in eight different scenarios. Students were not personally critiqued, rather the evaluation processes (e.g., time allotment, workflow, instructions) including the specific patient scenarios for the credentialing competency-based evaluation was evaluated.

The students’ participation offered them the opportunity to obtain experience related to the evaluation to be used for the credentialing process and to provide feedback. Their feedback and the information gained during this pilot will assist in building and sustaining a qualified Health/Patient Navigator workforce in Colorado.

Press Release Photo
A group of Health Navigator students from OJC poses at the Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) on the Anschutz Campus of the University of Colorado.

Press Release Photo
A view of control room where evaluation scenarios were observed during the pilot.