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Monday, May 1, 2017

Otero Junior College Top Graduates for 2017

Commencement ceremonies for the Otero Junior College class of 2017 were held on Saturday, April 29 in the McDivitt Center Gymnasium on the OJC campus. Speakers for this year’s commencement included a variety of students from the class of 2017. First, Chance Abert, president of OJC’s Associated Student Government, addressed the student body.  Following that, international students from Russia, shared their memories and thanks from their time at OJC. The final speaker was student David Olatunji who provided a message of.  Special music during the ceremony was provided by organist Mrs. Clara Stafford and the brother-sister team of Andre and Bailey Ashida, who led the national anthem. A reception was held immediately following the ceremony in the Learning Commons.

Top graduates this year at Otero Junior College include:

Summa Cum Laude Graduates (4.0 GPA)
Listed by hometown

Avondale: Alexis Brianna Nicole Tatman.
Colorado Springs: Kalisha Sasha-gay Reilly.
Crowley: Angela-Ruth Esquilla O'Reilly.
La Junta: Nora Ann Bootzin, Anastasia Mathews, Carmelo Morales Papa and Margaret Ann Perez. Lamar: Diana Elizabeth Reyes Rodriguez.
Las Animas: Justin Wade Koenig and Martin Albert Wilson.
Olney Springs: Marcus Manfred Wolfram.
Ordway: Bailey Ann Ashida and Daniel Jacob Ross.
Swink: Dillon Lee O'Neal, Brenten David Ritter and Bethann Martha Traver.
Anguilla: Coleen Cheyenne Johnson
Argentina: Malena Berchot
Japan: Natsumi Matsumoto

Magna Cum Laude Graduates (3.78 – 3.99 GPA)
Listed by hometown

Arvada: Mary Clare Sand.
Cheraw: Chelsea Diane Lewis.
Eads: Kristeen Kay Ray.
Evergreen: Maggie Elizabeth Pomeroy.
Manzanola: Rebecca Frances Brazill and Derick Stone Carroll.
Olney Springs: Amanda Suzanne Williams.
Rocky Ford: Emma Mae Brown and Amber Dannar.
La Junta: Katelyn Brianna Griffee, Israel Ben-David Harris, Dillon Robert Martin, Carlyle Paige McCormack, Jennifer Lynn McMillan, Whitni Raelee Oquist and Judith Elizabeth Palmer.
Las Animas: Amy Alicia Deatherage and Kathryn Peterson.
Swink: Todd Alan Redner.
Out of State:
Gillette, WY: Ian Maxwell Durgin.
Layton, UT: Maddee Jo Godfrey.

Cum Laude Graduates (3.5 – 3.74 GPA)
Listed by hometown

Arvada: Cassandra Lee Moosburger.
Denver: Camden Wanek Campbell.
Fort Collins: Elija Rachel Ostin.
Fowler: Breanne Lynn Buchner.
Kersey: Abbey Marie Wehrman.
La Junta: Charish Galiste Agena, Shaelyn Jo Haberman, Tristan Eugene Headrick, Seanah Charlotte Kauten, Joshua James Knabenshue, Brandon Nicholas Long, Antonio Joseph Robert Luttrell and Bridget Amalee Pleasants.
Las Animas: Caitlin Christine Johnson Beauchamp and Samantha Kaye Leblanc.
Manzanola: Marisela Isabel Rodriguez.
Ordway: Grady Mason Carter, Aaron John Hopkins and Cruz Marcus Muniz.
Penrose: Clayton David Masar.
Pueblo: Jessica Lane Koster.
Rocky Ford: Cristy Abeyta.
Sugar City: Bonita May Medina.
Swink: Heather Celeste Estrada and Collin Louis O'Neal.
Out of State:
Espanola, NM: Jesus G Chavez.
Reno, NV: Jonathan Cuevas Hernandez.
Santa Rosa, CA: Omar Alejandro Coronel Andrade.
Japan: Sachiko Matsui.

Twenty-five students have been named to “Who’s Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges”. The honor is based on academic excellence, campus involvement and community service. Those receiving the honor include:
Listed by hometown

Arvada: Madisen Quinn and Mary Sand.
Cheraw: Chelsea Lewis.
Colorado City: Chance Abert.
Commerce City: Samantha Garcia and Ernest Montoya.
Crowley: Angela O'Reilly.
Evergreen: Maggie Pomeroy.
Fort Collins: Elija Ostin.
Fowler: Breanne Buchner.
La Junta: Nora Bootzin, Samantha Mahoney, Dillon Martin, Carlyle McCormack, Whitni Oquist, Bridget Pleasants and Stetson Raines.
Las Animas: Shannon Hinze, Samantha Leblanc and Kathryn Peterson.
Olney Springs: Amanda Williams.
Rocky Ford: Amber Dannar.
Swink: Heather Estrada.
Out of State
Gillette, WY: Ian Durgin.
Argentina: Malena Berchot.
Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates.

Press Release Photo
Otero Junior College graduates who graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and received the coveted distinction of graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors were: Back row (l-r): Bailey Ashida, Natsumi Matsumoto, Daniel Ross, Marcus Wolfram, Justin Koenig, Brenten Ritter and Dillon O’Neil. Middle row (l-r): Diana Reyes Rodriguea, Nora Bootzin, Margaret Perez, Coleen Johnson and Malena Berchot. Kneeling (l-r): Alexis Tatman, Bethann Traver, Kalisha Reilly and Anastasia Mathews. Not pictured: Carmelo Papa, Angela-Ruth O’Reilly and Martin Wilson.