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OJC Press Release ID: 2582

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heart stopping quarter final for OJC Men’s Soccer

After ending the regular season as the second seed of the south, the Rattlers were given a home game in the Region IX post season against the Northwest Trappers. The winner of this game would head to Denver to play in the semi-final of the tournament on Saturday, Oct. 29.

On October 22, the Rattlers welcomed the Trappers to a loud home crowd and an atmosphere full of nerves and excitement. The game commenced on a bad note for the Rattlers as they went down on the score 1-0 in the 14th minute of the first half.

After the shaky start, the Rattlers raised the tempo and tied the game nine minutes later. Treydin Winward picked up a rebound after the ball bounced off multiple players on a corner kick. The remainder of the first half offered a lot of close shots for Otero and an occasional surprise from the Trappers, but no score.

As the second half commenced, the Rattlers hoped to come out and change the story of the game. To their surprise, things did not start off that way. The Trappers came out with a huge 20 second play which resulted in them going up on the score 2-1. The Rattlers had no other choice but to wake up and tie the game if they wanted to continue playing in the Region IX tournament.

In the 67th minute of play, Jonathan Cuevas picked up a rebound inside the box and buried it in the back of the net for the draw. The Rattlers continued to carry out the energy through the rest of the second half, but missed multiple opportunities to finish the game which ended in a draw.

With the game in need of a winner, the teams headed into overtime. Two ten minute overtime periods in which a golden goal would decide the game passed. Both teams had their fair share of opportunities to finalize the game but failed to do so. The overtime periods were a nail biting extravaganza. Since both teams failed to put away a golden goal after two over-time periods, the game would end in a penalty shoot-out.

The Rattler’s Cuevas took the first kick of the shoot out and buried it in the goal. Both teams made their first five shots, which took the shoot out into sudden death. Martin Soriano made the last penalty kick before Rattler goalkeeper, Ventura Dominguez made the only and final save of the shoot out to close out the game and give Otero the victory.

The Rattlers now prepare to face Laramie CCC in the semi-finals of the Region IX tournament. The game will take place in Denver at Metro State’s soccer field at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 29.

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Press Release Photo
Jonathan Cuevas, shown here in an earlier game this season, scored the tying goal to send the game into overtime and eventually to penalty kicks. He also scored the first goal during penalty kicks.