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OJC Press Release ID: 2528

Friday, May 27, 2016

BUENO HEP GED graduation

The BUENO HEP GED program at Otero Junior College held a graduation ceremony for its 2014-2016 graduates on May 26 in the Ed Stafford Theatre.  2014-2015 graduation were included in this year’s ceremony as there was no formal ceremony held last year. 

A total of 31 students completed their graduation requirements within the two year period.  Graduates included (official graduation date): Brittney Angel (4/29/14), Angelo Apodaca (4/2/15), Cynthia Arnold (1/7/15), Alicia Becker (4/24/15), Mike Bell (6/5/15), Braxton Berry (6/30/15), Alexé Cloer (4/18/16), Joshua Cobb (6/15/15), Timothy Cuthbertson (2/22/16), Peter Davis (8/20/15), Zachary Davis (4/29/15), Abigail Diamond (12/14/15), Alex Ferguson (11/9/15), Thalia Guerra (1/18/16), Jyl Gutierrez (1/29/16), Arturo Ernesto Hernandez (5/12/15), Nathaniel Lorenzo (10/10/14), Tyca Mason (10/27/14), Nikita Caroline Olona (9/21/15), Deyonia Ponce (6/30/15), Jarod Dylan Rivas (3/1/16), Adrian Romero (6/12/15), Jonathan Rumrill (2/27/16), Alanna Sellier (2/10/16), Waylan Sharp (12/6/14), Austin Smart (4/24/15), Desiré Sprosty (5/26/15), Frankie Strickland (2/25/15), Kimberly Lynn Teoba (4/1/16), Ryan Valdez (8/15/15) and Zoletta Willis (12/19/14).

James E. Herrell served as the keynote speaker.  His speech honored the accomplishments of the group, thanked those gathered for the support they gave the graduates, reminded the graduates of their status as role models and celebrated the opening of many doors through this achievement. 

A reception was held after the ceremony for families and friends to gather with the graduates.

Press Release Photo
Graduates who walked the stage for their GED Certificate on May 26 included: Front Row (l to r): Brittney Angel, Alicia Becker, Andrea Guerra, Nikita Caroline Olona, Kimberly Lynn Teoba, Marian Morris (Coordinator/Instructor), and Abigail Diamond. Back Row (l to r): Alexé Cloer, Waylan Sharp, Jonathan Rumrill, Alex Ferguson, Adrian Romero and Jarod Dylan Rivas.

Press Release Photo
Proud of her mother, Abigail Diamond, this little girl stormed the stage to give her a hug.