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OJC Press Release ID: 2510

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Host family needed for OJC international student

The International Relations Office at Otero Junior College is in search of a host family for a German student for the 2016/2017 fall and spring semester. If you are interested you can contact them directly at 719-384-6805 or email them at

WHEN:  Mid-August 2016 to Late-June 2017

EXPECTATIONS:  Host families should be able to provide 2 meals a day and a private bedroom for the participant.  They will receive a small monthly stipend ($225) to help cover expenses for another person living with them for a year.  There is an “accommodations check” and interview as a part of the placement process and photos of the student’s room and family will be provided to the program and student as well as contact information. Pre-arrival communication is definitely encouraged.

Participants will purchase a vehicle for transportation to and from work and other individual costs like cell phone, special foods and car insurance are the responsibility of the participant.  Living with a family is an important program requirement meant to intentionally introduce them to experience the American life with that frame of support and engagement from the start of their stay.  Participants should be integrated into daily life – helping in the household, and participating in family activities, events and celebrations.

ABOUT THE STUDENT:  Unfortunately, assignments are still being made, so we don’t yet know any specifics of the scholar that will be coming to La Junta, however, we have partnered with the CBYX program for four years and have hosted some amazing young scholars including Tobias Köcher, Philipp Kërber, Daniel Siehler and Dejan Puljic; all amazing young men, generally outgoing and enjoyable people. 

ABOUT THEIR PROGRAM:  Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange, sponsored jointly by the governments of the US and Germany, this program brings young professionals from Germany to study and participate in a paid internship in their field to expand the breath of their knowledge in the field and the American approach AND sponsors American students and young professionals do the same in Germany to foster better relations, commerce and interaction between our nations.

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