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Monday, February 1, 2016

Passing scores for GED adjusted to 145

Adjustment applies to testing completed since Jan. 1, 2014
Beginning January 26, in many states the passing score for high school equivalency moved from 150 to 145. GED Testing Service recommended that states retroactively apply the new performance levels to test-takers who have tested since January 1, 2014. Colorado has chosen to take this step.

Students who earned scores between 145-149 prior to the new passing score will now be eligible for their state’s high school equivalency credential. Many more students will also move from non-passing to passing in one or more GED test subject.

Because it will take some time before the change can be implemented in various systems, such as state and GED Testing Service systems that handle transcripts, diplomas, and required data reporting systems, GED students and educators can expect to see the changes implemented starting on March 1. Scores, score reports, and other information will be automatically available on on March 1.

Bueno HEP GED staff have been working to contact those students who meet the new criteria for passing in one or all subjects.  “We are attempting to contact the students, but if their address, phone number or email has changed, we may not be able to reach them,” said Marion Morris, coordinator of Bueno HEP GED program at Otero Junior College.

“Seven individuals have already been identified who will receive a diploma because of the changes implemented.  Several others will receive passing scores on a portion of the test, which may be enough of an incentive to help them to continue on in the program and complete the full test,” Morris added.

GED Ready practice test score levels were automatically updated to reflect the new passing score, and the “likely to pass” or “green” level is now 145-200. Students can now take the updated GED Ready practice test. Students who experience a GED Ready practice test status change (e.g. move from yellow to green) will see their new score level reflected in their MyGED account.

Visit to view the Frequently Asked Questions and other resource documents for educators.

Students who would like to check on how the changes affect them or others wishing to pursue a GED should contact the Bueno HEP/GED office at (719)384-6848 or stop by their office in the Humanities Center room 131 on the OJC campus.

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Beginning January 26, the passing score for high school equivalency moved from 150 to 145 in many states, including Colorado. Marion Morris, coordinator of the Bueno HEP GED program at Otero Junior College, is working to contact students whose scores on GED testing since Jan. 1, 2014 have been adjusted to “passing” by the change.